Kurulus Osman is the upcoming Turkish serial. It is getting a huge fan all over the world. It is a historical and fictional season that will give a good quality serial experience to the fans.  Kurulus Osman is a project of Mehmet Bozdağ the producer known as one of the best producers of the Turkish Drama Industry. Peoples are waiting for this season without patience. This is the only season that is gaining popularity before its release. Before focusing on watching we have to know its background and screenplay.

Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman is the Turkish season that is based on the history of the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Osman was the son of Ertugural (founder of the Ottoman Empire). Osman continues his father’s destiny. This Season is based on the life of Osman. Before this season, Drillis Ertugural(Father of Osman) was a very famous Turkish season that breaks the records. This season was very famous and breaks records in more than 64 countries. Mehmet Bozdağ is the producer and screenwriter of both of these drama serials. Why Turkish seasons are getting popularity? We will have an overlook of the Turkish drama industry.

Kurulus Osman Cast:

Kurulus Osman has the most professional Actors that will blow your mind with complete professional and good quality acting.

Burak Ozcivit as Mr Osman

Saruhan as Alisher

Ismail Hakki as Samsa

Ozge Torer as Bala Hatun

Abdul as Kalanoz

Ragip War as Dundar

Alma Terzic as Isodor to

Aysegul as Zohre

Nurettin as Bams

Seda as Sheikh Ebdali

Release date:

According to the authentic news, this season’s first episode will be on air on November 20, 2019.  Two trailers and one teaser is on air till now that you can watch online with English subtitles. Its trailers get a very positive response from the fans, let us see its new records.

Possible factors for Kurulus Osman success:

Kurulus Osman is based on the history of Osman son of Ertugural founder of the Ottoman Empire. Here we will discuss the factors that can help this season to get massive achievements.

Production quality and professionalism:

Turkish Drama industry is known as the professional drama industry. As we have already mentioned they are 2nd biggest drama industry after America. In this season, almost every lead actor has good experience in the drama industry and they are all versatile. Mehmet Bozdağ is known as the main and top professional producer of Turkey. They Set an actual environment for Drillis Ertugural season. By this, you can imagine their professionalism and love with their work.

In drama quality, they are very advance from so many drama industries. They are able to represent fiction very effectively and the actual environment helps them more in this case.

History-based season:

Kurulus Osman is a historically based drama season that will help him to get a huge fan base with the collaboration of good quality content and production.  Its production quality and contents are collaborating with each other. And representing the historical environment for fans. This factor will help this season to get more fans like the previous season Drillis Ertugural.

Competition and records:

Kurulus Osman has so many competitors; one of them is Drillis Ertugural season that sets new records in the Turkish drama history. And on the second, American drama seasons are the main competitor for Kurulus Osman. Peoples are expecting this season as a more batter and dramatic then Drillis Ertugural. This season can break so many seasons.  And can set new records if it is according to the fan’s expectations.

Turkish Drama Industry:

Turkish Drama industry is gaining huge revenue by exporting its drama serials. Its seasons are a combination of drama, comedy, thrill, fiction, and history. Most of the seasons are representing Turkish culture in them. Turkish season popularity helps in revenue and industry growth. Turkish is the biggest drama industry after the American drama industry this time.

All the drama serials are very popular among peoples worldwide but Drillis Ertugural is the one that sets and breaks records. Peoples are comparing Drillis Ertugural with Game of Throne (one of the popular American tv seasons). Turkish season are representing Turkish and Islamic culture. Due to this, they are getting more popularity in Muslim countries as well as in western countries.

Turkish Government helps its drama industry in growth as well as expanding this worldwide.

How to watch Kurulus Osman Online with the subtitle:

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