Are you out of your routine of going to the gym? Are you feeling fat around the waist? Worried about how to get rid of it because there is a wedding coming ahead? You can’t wear your favorite dress due to flabby belly bulging out. Do you know that you cannot reduce belly fat until you work out properly? Here I’m going to tell you how to change the lifestyle a little bit to flatten the stomach within seven days.

Analyze Your Food

food plan for lose bell fat

Be motivated to lose belly fat. You have seven days to get the proper body shape. What you will eat in this period bring a necessary change in your physique. Start eating fruits, vegetable, chicken, beef, fish and low dairy products. Avoid eating processed foods which are full of sugar. Cut down the sugar and beverages. Eat healthy to stay healthy and away from fat.

Drink Water as Much as You can

It is very imperative to drink water to flush away the toxin’s substance from the body. Water performs dual roles like make your skin glowing and flatten your belly. Intake of water doesn’t comprise of drinking gallons of water. You can take the water in the form of green tea, fresh vegetable juice, and fruit juice. At least takes a 12-15 glass of water so that your body detoxify the harmful substance.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress has an underlying role in making you obese. When you feel fear, the body starts producing the cortisol hormone which helps in gaining weight and aggregating the fat around the belly. Thus, you decided to lose belly fat within seven days be cool and relax. Just follow the diet and exercise to get effective results.

Stay Away from Salt

When you are on a diet and want to achieve the target within a specific time, avoid taking salt. To minimize water retention, lower the salt intake. Are you thinking about how you can add flavor to the foods? Add spice and other herbs to enhance the taste of the food.

Workout Plan

Lose Belly Fat Plank

If you want to burn the fat of belly, must perform the exercise on three days per week. Go for pushups, lunges and crunches three sets of 10 times repetitions. After every training follows one minute of jumping rope. At the end make a plank of 30 seconds. Through this routine, you can quickly burn 500-600 calories a day.

What Fruits You Can Eat to Lose Belly Fat

Watermelon tends to increase the frequency of urine. When frequently urination happens, all the water and salt of the stomach are removed from the body. Research shows that watermelon is one of the best fruits to flatten the tummy. It has diuretic nature which excretes water as urine and reduces water retention.


Pineapple has enzyme bromelain which helps in the process of digestion and inhibits the production of stomach gases. It increases the metabolism rate and helps to reduce the chubby flab on the belly. Pineapple where provides the essential nutrient to the female also support in reducing the belly fat.

Lose belly fat within seven days is possible if you follow the above simple steps of reducing the fat. Life becomes more beautiful and charming when you become fit in your old jeans and shirt. Avoid to eat oily things, fry things and fast food when you are ready to be consistent for seven days to get the flat tummy.