Travelling is most times fun, and people always look forward to it. I said “most times” because nobody plans to have an awkward journey. It may be that you are going on a business trip, a vacation or just another regular trip of yours. Travelling involves more than jumping on a plane, sitting on a train or driving yourself to your destination.

However, your journey to your goal remains the most crucial part of your travel as it plays a significant role in determining what your general travelling experience will be like. To avoid cases where you will not enjoy your journey, here are six great tips to make your travelling experience more comfortable.

Arrive Early

This should be your number one tip everywhere you intend to go. It does not matter if you are travelling in Australia, probably from Sydney to Melbourne. Arriving early at the airport is your best bet for a comfortable journey. Even if you are travelling by train, you can ruin your travel by arriving at the train station some seconds before the train takes off. It gives room for other relaxing actions to take place. When you visit early enough, you will have enough time to ensure that your luggage is intact. You can even have a light snack before you take off if you are the type who does not like to eat while travelling.

Pick Your Favorite Seat

When you arrive early, you can also check-in and pick your favourite sit. Choosing a seat, you are most comfortable with is of great importance, especially if you are flying economy. Cheap flights to Sydney from Melbourne can be stressful if you find yourself in the wrong seat.

If you are most comfortable with seats close to the window, choose a position close to the window. If the one close to the aisle is what you prefer, then opt for it. No matter how we try to downplay its effects, we cannot change the fact that you are unlikely to enjoy your journey when you seat in a place where you are not comfortable.

Dress For Comfort

Ignore this part, and you will begin to feel the itch when you get on the plane. Compression socks are no longer a thing for just older women anymore. While choosing an outfit for travelling, opt for loose-fitting clothing. Avoid tight-fitting dress. Avoid too thick clothing.

Always travel with a sweater or cardigan. You should also pick certain clothing accessories that you consider helpful. A facemask can be of great help in protecting you from lights when you want to sleep or relax. Avoid high footwear, no matter how much you love to don them. Opt for flat “easy to wear” shoes. This way, you can easily take them off if the need arises.

Make Water Your Friend

Despite how much you crave it, avoid coffee as well as other sweet liquids while you are travelling. Instead, take lots of water. Coffee and other beverages tend to dehydrate your body, and that is not what your body needs at that moment. You will end up feeling dehydrated and fatigued if you stick to beverages. Keep a bottle of water handy so that you can stay refreshed and energised throughout your journey.

You do not want to arrive at your destination tired. Some people are even on the extreme when it comes to taking anything while travelling, be it solid or liquid. I am no physician, but I am avoiding water for a journey that takes over an hour is not a good health practice.

A Good Playlist Does Help

Most people usually opt for earplugs, earmuffs and the rest of the noise blockers. On my part, I have a different idea. I am of the belief that you cannot stop something without starting something else. Instead of just feeling the noise vibrate, while not listening to some relaxing music. I love songs that can prompt me to start dancing, but that is not what is applicable here.

In this case, opt for relaxing music that can even lull you to sleep if need be. Good music is always an excellent way to relax. If you do not fancy the idea of listening to music, you can as well read a book of your choice to engage yourself. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it is something that helps you relax. That period of your journey is one you should not spend overtasking your brain. Practising on the presentation of your proposal can wait till when you get to your destination.

Opt For Your Food

This is very good if you want to save your money and your stomach. It is no news that airport foods are expensive and meals served on aeroplanes is not for everybody. This is the more reason why you should stick to your diet. I am very particular about people with tender stomachs that tend to react very quickly. Instead of full meals, prepare a light snack and save yourself the stress of what to eat. You may as well make some enquiries as to what the food of such airline is like from people who travel with them. In a case where you are very selective, fruits will always keep you safe. Just like drinking water, I will not advise anyone to starve themselves while travelling because they want to avoid stomach upset.

Travelling light can help you overcome a lot of pre and post-flight stress. You will save yourself from the “you are overweight tag”. You will also save yourself the additional cost that comes with paying extra for your load. Putting the “fragile” sticker on your luggage are also ways you can reduce the stress that comes with travelling. This is very important when you do not want anyone manhandling that particular luggage. In my opinion, your journey is not complete without relaxation.