Traditionally, people associate all kinds of jewelry with women. Bracelets are a piece of arm jewelry unheard of in men’s fashion until recently. Along with the advent of modern style, the use of silver in men’s fashion is gaining prominence.

With celebrities around the world endorsing bracelets with their outfits, the trend is gaining worldwide prominence. You will need to follow some basic rules if you want to pull off flaunting your bracelet.

Men bracelets that are minimal and masculine are more appropriate for use in men’s fashion. There is also a wide array of choices in materials and colors from which you can select the one which matches your personality.

Although we often underestimate the impact of bracelets, they are a powerful catalyst that can make your outfit come to life. Let us take a look at the choice of men’s bracelets so you can decide the type that is a perfect match for you.

Choosing The Right Men Bracelet For Your Style

Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets are among the most popular type of bracelets due to their extensive use in the military. Bracelets of metal are sleek while also sturdy at the same time. The metallic silver color has a universal appeal and goes well along with plenty of outfits.

If you are planning on metal cuffs, make sure that you do not purchase one which may resemble a bangle. Variations of the conventional metal bracelets which offer a brassy color tone or with lesser luster are also popular.

Pairing metal bracelets with wristwatch or cuffs consisting of leather is also another viable option that can boost your style statement. Wooden beads are another tremendous complementing material for use with metal bracelets.

Ensure that your metal bracelet is not chunky or flashy as it may ruin the appeal of the look. Metal ones are versatile in the manner in which they reflect light in various lighting scenarios. Avoid using metal bracelets in conservative situations such as an office meeting.

Leather Bracelets

Similar to metal bracelets, leather bracelets have a naturally masculine character. Leather bracelets also offer plenty of versatility. You can easily pull off the leather bracelet look by pairing it along with formals, casuals or anything in-between.

Leather bracelets are sharper when you wear thinner and sleeker ones. Woven leather, as well as a single strap of leather, can work for accentuating your style statement.

Men Bracelet

Men Bracelet

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Contrary to metal bracelets, you can stack your leather men bracelet along with your wristwatch on the same arm as the materials are contrasting. The matte finish of leather ones offers a low-key feel which can supplement any outfit. Darker colors such as rich, dark brown tend to provide a more masculine character.

Bead Bracelets

Bead bracelets are on the rise in the ranks of fashionable men bracelets in recent years. The ones are obtainable in a wide variety of materials owing to their immense popularity. You can choose wooden beads for an ethnic style.

The other varieties of bracelets on offer consist of materials such as onyx, bone, glass, and even plastics. Bracelets with luxury crystals and stones are also obtainable, which can make your class stand out in public.

Men Bracelet

Men Bracelet

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Bead bracelets work well in higher numbers, so you can stack bracelets of various materials on the same arm for creating an attractive style. Wear them with larger beads for casual events and vacations, and equip bracelets with smaller beads for formal occasions which require sophistication.

Woven Fabric Bracelets

Bracelets with fabric material are cheaper than other variations and consist of pure cotton or a mix of poly material. You can source fabric bracelets in a vast assortment of colors which you can alternate to match with your outfit.

Woven fabric bracelets are an excellent enhancement for use along with metal and leather bracelets. Woven ones can offer the essential burst of color pleasantly to revitalize your outfit.

Rope Bracelets

Bracelets comprising of nautical ropes and sailor’s knots are a favorite brand of arm accessories for men since time immemorial. Rope bracelets are tough enough to withstand the ruggedness of arduous adventures.

Men Bracelet

Men Bracelet

You may experiment with rope ones in various patterns and colors and layering them on top of one another to create your unique style.

Hybrid Bracelets

Hybrid bracelets integrate the materials in use for producing bracelets individually. The hybrid bracelets typically consist of a fabric or leather strap with a metal charm. These are flashier than ordinary ones for men and need careful evaluation to make it work.

Evil Eye Bracelets:

Carrying or wearing an evil eye is a common thing these days. One can wear or take evil eye as key chains, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

Men Bracelet

Men Bracelet

Bracelets with evil eyes are used to keep off glares from people believed to cause misfortune or bad luck. Instead of tying an evil eye in a string or a thread, the same can be worn as a bracelet.

Gold Bracelets

Gold suits best on dusky skin tones. It mixes well with traditional colors. It is a perfect option for men who want to look classy. Best for formal or traditional occasions, gold is the ultimate to accessorize your look. But you need to keep this in mind that you don’t overdo with your gold accessories. A simple gold bracelet is enough to catch peoples’ attention.

Silver Bracelets

For most of the men, silver is the most attractive choice. It goes well with a variety of skin tones and can exist well with casual & formal dress. The best way to wear silver accessories is to do it classically. Go for thin & essential pieces that will work amazingly with your clothing and wristwatches too.


Experiment with different textures and layers until you find the perfect combination. You may complement your beaded bracelets with a cuff consisting of contrasting material to enhance your style quotient. You can also experiment with balancing your wristwatch with a men bracelet, on the other hand, creating unique looks.