If you are living in an area that receives a decent amount of precipitation over the year, you are mostly left with but two options to choose from, a metal roof or a tiled roof.

Both roofing types possess qualities and faults of their own that need to be considered before making a decision, which is why you can find a Metal Roofing VS Roof Tiles chart below to have it made out simple for you.

The Brief Note On Metal Roofs VS Roof Tiles

1- Metal Roofs

A metal roof includes the fastening of several roof tiles put together, earning their popularity from their high resistance, durability, and longevity.

Metal roofs come in some different materials used to manufacture them; the material used in manufacturing is what marks the essential characteristics like longevity and durability of the metal roofs.

2- Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are made up of concrete, clay, rubber, slate, etc. Their installation process requires them to be hung from the structure of the roof by nails in a horizontal manner.


Each row overlaps the lower row to keep the moisture and to flow water from seeping in through the roof itself.

Metal Roofs VS Roof Tiles Chart

Metal Roofs

Clay Tiles


One of the most well-known qualities of metal roofs is long-lasting strength and durability. Although depending on the specific type of material used and perfection of installation method, an average metal roof can be said to last anywhere between 60-80 years. Zinc, Aluminum, and Titanium roofs can be previously well over a century if installed correctly and maintained properly with care, making it probably the most long-lasting roofing option available. Clay or concrete tiles for the roof are commonly observed to last a lifetime, but putting it into numbers would be anywhere around 50 years, and that too with a regular maintenance routine. Even though roof tiles can take the harshness of weather as good as any other roofing option, they get to be very delicate because of their brittle nature. They are easy to crack and even break by walking over them for any purpose.


Metal roofs are generally known to be among the expensive types of roofing options, but how expensive. You can expect an average steel roof to cost you anywhere between $250-$400 per square foot, which is the most basic and affordable type of option. The prices, however, hit a rise as you choose to install a better material like Zinc, Copper, or Aluminum. Regardless of the expenses, metal roofs are a good investment for money as they tend to last much longer over other roofing options. The general perception about having clay tiles installed for your roof would be to expect something cheap compared to other roofing options but is, however, quite the opposite. A concrete tile roof is going to cost somewhere around $500 per square foot, whereas a clay tiled roof would go up as high as $1000 per square foot. They are, however, still quite affordable over the more expensive and durable options of metal roofing like Zinc, Copper, and Aluminum.


The maintenance of metal roofs can be required of time, effort, and expenses as well due to the specialized labor involved. A metal roof may need repainting over some time, which can turn out to be an expensive thing to cater to. Looking for a leak in a metal roof can prove to an exhausting chore since it gets tough to find the loose fastener or a worn-out gasket amongst the many other things. The maintenance requirements of a tiled roof can put somewhere from a moderate condition to high, both in effort and costs. Because of the brittle nature of roof tiles, you may expect to find several broken or cracked tiles on your roof that might be causing the leaks; their replacement needs to be taken care of with care. Other than the alternative of tiles, repainting or polishing is a requirement of tiled roofs over time.


The eco-friendliness of metal roofs is what gives them a probable edge over any other roofing options. According to the best metal roofing contractors, the amazingly low heat absorption qualities make a very evident impact on the expenses of your house over cooling appliances. Metal roofs are made almost entirely out of recycled metal, and once they have reached the end of their time, they can be recycled all over again to produce quality roofs like a brand new roof. Concrete and clay roofs, on the other hand, are known well for their high absorption of heat, which would make them put an additional burden on your cooling appliances. Even though both concrete and clay tiles are manufactured mostly from recycled material, their production process requires a large amount of heat and energy to have them come out as installable tiles in your house. They hold slightly fewer points in eco-friendliness over metal roofs.