They say taking care of oral health is not costly but neglecting it is!

Your million-dollar smile and healthy gums not just enhance your facial aesthetics, but they also boost your self-confidence and contribute towards the maintenance of your overall health.

Mistakes You Make While Brushing

Brushing is something that has become an indispensable part of our daily lifestyle ever since time immemorial. It is something that you go for at the beginning and end of the day.

Following the right technique of brushing will help you achieve the smile of your dreams and excellent oral health at minimum or no cost.

But if it is not done in the right way then just brushing for the sake of it is not going to yield results.


Mistakes You Make While Brushing

That is why to help you out, here are some of the common brushing mistakes that are brought to light so that you can steer clear of them and correct yourself for desirable results. Just take a look.

  • Mistake 1 – Picking The Wrong Toothbrush

In today’s times, the customers have access to a plethora of options for brushing their teeth. So ensure that you choose a brush that reaches those problematic areas that also need to be cleaned.  This means that the brush should be flexible and should be able to reach every nook and corner. It can be a manual or a power toothbrush. But there is something that you can’t compromise upon – the soft bristles. The bristles should be soft enough to reach every nook and corner of the mouth and get under the gums. Moreover, soft bristles are also needed so that they do not damage the teeth or gums and are not too hard on them.

  • Mistake 2 – Using Anti-Whitening And Anti-Sensitive Toothpaste Permanently

One of the common mistakes that many of us commit is using the teeth-whitening or anti-sensitivity toothpaste for a prolonged time. Doing something like that masks the issue of discoloration of teeth or sensitivity and does not address other problems. As a result of that, your mouth gets prone to cavities, gum ailment, and bad breath. Such a toothpaste does not matter significantly until you are using it twice a day.

Keep it in mind that the whitening toothpaste must be used under supervision for preventing massive teeth damage. The sensitive toothpaste, on the other hand, should be used only for the prescribed period. So you must go for a toothpaste that is made with the right proportion of fluoride that is responsible for protecting the teeth from cavities as well as a gel that comes with the antibacterial properties for preventing the bad breath and gum disease.

  • Mistake 3 –Rushing Through The Process Of Brushing

It is recommended that you should brush for a couple of minutes twice a day regularly. But maybe you want to retire to bed soon, or you are too late for work! Once in a while, it is acceptable that you cut the brushing short. But it is best to refrain from doing this. Previously, many were suggested to go for brushing with the egg-timer. Now, most people have a cell phone. So you can set the timer to 2 minutes while cleaning so that your mouth undergoes a thorough cleaning. Not just that, you can also play a piece of music while cleaning. The usual songs last for 2-3 minutes. This will give you enough time to brush your teeth properly.

  • Mistake 4 – Brushing Too Hard

If you think that pressurizing too hard on the brush is going to clean your teeth in a better way, then you are mistaken. Brushing aggressively is another quite common problem.  If you brush aggressively, then the gum tissue can start receding from the teeth resulting in receding gums. It can also lead to the sensitivity of the teeth or even result in the loosening of the teeth. That is why it is a must that you stop being aggressive on the teeth. For the same reason, the brushes with soft bristles are more preferred by dentists.

  • Mistake 5 – Brushing Using The Wrong Angle And Technique

The right angle for the most effective brushing is 45 degrees, and you should brush using shorter strokes in the circular motion. If you point at this angle, then you can get superior cleaning above and beneath the gum line. You should use the bristles in the central row for cleaning the gums and the teeth. If you clean the gum line in the right way, you can avoid the gum diseases and cavities and also discoloration of the teeth.

  • Mistake 6 – Brushing Just After Eating

If you feel the requirement to clean the teeth after drinking and eating, you should wait at least for 60 minutes before brushing. This is especially the case if you have had a soda, lemons, or grapefruits. You can chew the sugarless gums or drink lots of water to clean the mouth as you wait to brush.

Apart from avoiding these mistakes, you should also consult with the top dentist in Greenpoint who can help you detect any other error that you may be committing but are not aware of. Only by complete and correct brushing, regular flossing and tongue cleaning will you be able to retain your oral health in the best way possible.

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