A mortgage with bad credit and that too without stress? Impossible! Do you also think in this way? Sorry to disappoint, but now you have to change your perception. Availing funds through mortgage despite bad credit is not only possible but also smooth if you follow certain conditions.

Mortgages For Bad Credit

Before that, look at the following incidents to create a new ray of hope –

  • IMLA, i.e. the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association revealed a data. It says 89% of the applications for a mortgage between January 2019 – March 2019 were approved.’


Don’t you think it is a good sign? Indeed, it is, the lending market is changing, and this change is for good. Last months the UK housing market had a bad experience. Many people with a desire to get a mortgage faced extreme mental stress, which came out as some physical and health-related issues due to the rejection of their application. Now, you have an ugly face of the lending industry with online choices for the mortgage.

Start With Improved Credit Score

To be rational, a good start can be with a credit rating that reflects improved financial behaviour. Nothing can be more fruitful than this for a bad credit borrower.

Ways To Upgrade Credit Rating

Through several ways, if you achieve a boost in your credit rating, the approval on the mortgage can come smoother. Following tips can help you get an increase in credit rating.

  • Quit From Financial Commitments That Are No More Necessary

Old credit cards, store cards, bank accounts etc. that are no more in use should be closed. You may not know, but they consume your credit score. More financial commitments in your name show less space in creditworthiness to bear new obligations.

  • Disassociate Yourself From Financial Partner

Are you not living with your partner anymore but have some combined financial obligations? Get rid of them as soon as possible. The economic behaviour and credit score performance of your partner affects your finances. His/her delayed payments can degrade your credit rating. This may sound a little new as many people do not know about this fact, but this is an important point. Sometimes personal relations make finances complicated, and it is better to stay on your toes. Mortgage for home is a long-term affair, and there is no space for any carelessness.

  • Check Your Credit File Regularly

The credit reference agencies take your information from varied sources. These are – court records, search data, fraud data, electoral roll and financial companies. If any of these sources have even single wrong information about your finances, it is sure to carry forward to the agencies. The result is degraded in credit score. Check your credit file regularly, in two to three months and the case of any incorrect detail, get it removed or rectified immediately.

Many other ways can help you improve credit rating. Some may relate to your situation, and some may not. Just explore them online and apply them according to the circumstances.

Preconditions To Apply

After some betterment in the credit score performance, it is safer to apply for a mortgage and expects approval. Before that, forget not to do the following. After all, to avoid any last minute anxiety, it is better to keep things organized.

  • Find The Lender Online

Online medium is the ocean of options. The mortgage lenders are in abundance; compare them through APR, interest rates, tenure, repayment plans. Forget not to use the loan calculator and get the ‘almost free’ loan quote.

  • Prioritize

Make a list of the most suitable options and try to finalize two to three lenders. This helps in making a confident and clear decision.

  • Talk To Them

Talk to all the finalized mortgage lenders and then make an ACTUAL final decision. Forget not to clear all your doubts as it is about an important decision.

Now Apply

This is something that you were waiting for long. Once the lender is final, a simple procedure is there to follow.

  1. Apply – As the mortgages for bad credit are available online now, you need to fill a brief application form. However, it is necessary to provide basic financial and personal details.
  2. Get the approval decision – The lender takes a few minutes to process the loan application. However, not much time is consumed, and the approval decision comes on time.
  3. The final thing is disbursement – Once approved, the lender starts the communication to take things further. After a few face-to-face meetings, procedures reach to the stage of a site visit by the lender to check the actual value of the property according to the location. During the formalities, a keen eye of the lending company is also scrutinizing your finances and recent financial behaviour. It is better to act responsible and wise. Pay bills on time.
  4. In the end, if everything goes fine on the aspect of your affordability, you get the loan amount.

Do not get worried due to ‘if everything goes fine’ as now the mortgage approval rate is high.

NoteIn the lousy credit situation, repayment capacity is your biggest strength. More potential you show on that aspect, better are the chances of smooth approval.

Avoid These Mistakes While Applying For A Mortgage

It is essential to see that you do not make inevitable mistakes that can spoil all your plans. Every single step in critical, after all, it is about the precious ‘dream home.’ A lifetime desire should be handled with care.

  • Multiple Applications To Varied Lenders At Same Time? A BIG NO

Many applications leave search footprints on your credit records, and that makes your look credit hungry. At the time, apply to only one lender. Do in-depth research, finalize an option and then use. In haste and hope to increase the chances of approval, many borrowers follow this practice. But, this is nothing more than a wrong turn.

  • Stay Loyal To The Lender

The finance industry always prefers loyal customers, and that is something that stays as a distinct situation. Never hide any information from your lender and stay honest. Credit reference agencies know everything, and they cannot let anything hide from the eyes of the finance world. Lenders have access to your credit reports. Stay aware of this fact and cooperate with the lending company you choose.

  • Do Not Wrestle Much On Interest Rates

The mortgage lender charges you the interest rate that is due and according to the norms of the industry. Yes, there can be a discussion on every aspect but try not to be illogical. A deal can be personalized up to a certain level, but they cannot change it for the personal benefits of a borrower.

The points above are of utmost importance for a wrong credit person. If you want to avoid the stress and mess on loans for bad credit, follow the right procedure. Rest is sure to stay fine as the housing industry has changed, and that is a futuristic incident.