Baking a cake is a good hobby when you have free time with cravings for some sweet dish. It would be a great therapeutic activity for ones who love and enjoy cooking. In the activities like baking a cake the learning curves for an individual seems to leave quite therapeutic effects. So it is an appreciable hobby to choose for yourself.

Baking is all about creativity, as you learn new creative ideas by baking different types and shapes of cakes. And activities such as cooking are acts of feeding and nurturing activities. With such kinds of activities, you can make others happy and feel fresh. Moreover, it is not a very expensive hobby and it is delicious too. It calms you and allows you to express yourself and your skills. With all of these benefits, you can choose baking a cake as your hobby.

Top Most Popular Cakes In The World

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Cakes In The World Which You Can Try In Your Kitchen Too

Chocolate Cake

It has to be said that one can hardly find a person who does not love to eat chocolate cake. So it secures the first rank in this list. It is also good for health as it contains minerals like potassium, zinc, and selenium. Cocoa powder is also beneficial for health as it stimulates the cholesterol level in your body. And Dark chocolate also protects your body from sun damage as it contains flavonols. Moreover, do you know that National Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated on the 27th of January?

Red Velvet Cake

The second most popular cake is the delicious and good-looking red velvet cake. It has a delightful color combination and coupled with a wonderful taste. It is a red, red-brown, or scarlet color chocolate cake that is layered with ermine icing. It is made with cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar and these ingredients undergo a chemical reaction. And as a result of this reaction, the cake will get a deep maroon color which is a treat to both eyes and tongue.

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake stands as the third most popular and liked flavored cake in the world. It is versatile and its ingredients include chocolate, lemon, and strawberries for instance. Vanilla cake is just referred to as the vanilla flavor of vanilla custard. For French vanilla cake, you can add egg yolks in the batter for making it a yellow cake. However the taste of both is the same, only the difference is in color and texture. For more flavoring, you can also add almond or vanilla extract.

Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is being loved for its creamy and delightful taste. It is one of the beloved deserts around the world. While it is assumed that it may originate in the city of the United States, New York. There is evidence that it was being served to the athletes in the first Olympic games in 776 BC. It is a good source of energy and its ingredients include wheat, flour, cheese, and honey. And when it is made well and mixed up with the right flavors it would have the most delightful taste.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake stands at number five, it is famous for its variety which is full of all the best ingredients. It is a sweet cake that has chocolate and cherries on the top. Unfortunately, Black forest cake is not very good for health as it contains a lot of sugar and plain flour. This is made up of refined ingredients that are not suitable for a healthy lifestyle and diabetic persons. Moreover, it is an alcoholic cake with the rum subtle, which makes it more unhealthy. But it looks appealing to the eyes and tastes very good.

Lemon Cake

Lemon cake is the simple but all-time favorite cake of most people. It has a lemony flavor that comes from the volatile oils present in the fruit’s zest like citral, and limonene. But adding the actual lemon juice is recommended for lemon cake as it will disrupt the ratio in the recipe of the cake. The most famous combination with it is lemon and raspberry. Both raspberry jam and Italian meringue buttercream are used for it.


These are some of the most popular cakes in the world. They are popular for their tastes and wonderful designs. You can also bake them in your kitchen with a little effort and expense. Enjoy them in your free time or when you have any occasion at home. In case you are looking for mouthwatering cakes for any occasion, you can contact cakes and bakes to get your custom cake in no time.