Netflix is providing its services all over the world. Either you are in any famous country or Antarctica you can access a comprehensive library of Netflix, but you should have an internet facility. Here we are not telling you how to set up your Netflix account etc. But we are going to say to you some Netflix tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you are using Netflix in Pakistan. And if you are following all these tips than you can enjoy your Netflix streaming without an interception.  Here are all the tips and tricks for Netflix user:


1: Check your Internet connection:

It is essential that you have internet with speed minimum of 3G. This is suitable, but if you want to see HD videos on Netflix streaming, then you should choose at least 5G. We suggest you 5G for a better result.


5G in Pakistan

2: Effective in cost:

Yes, it is much affordable if you are a tv lover. If you are spending so much time in front of tv and cinemas, then Netflix will help you in cost-effectiveness because it provides you access to all of these shows, movies and videos that you are watching on Tv and cinemas.

3: Is Netflix is Pirated?

Some people think that Netflix is pirated. Because it gives you access to all videos, shows and movies which you want to see an affordable price. So, for your confirmation, we are telling you that Netflix is completely legal and have no illegal activity. You can use Netflix without any legal permission; you need to sign in your Netflix Profile.

Netflix in Pakistan

Netflix is pirated! Really?

4: Netflix shows popularity:

Netflix is gaining popularity due to its shows. As House of cards is among the most popular series of Netflix because of original and top quality content. All the series are popular due to their content analysing and representing in an understandable presentation.

5: How to break location Limitation:

Location limitation can be an issue while using Netflix in different places. But don’t worry we have a solution. You can use VPN for getting access to your required location. So many VPN’s are available online you can find anyone that looks very nice for your browser.

6: check out reviews:

If you are clear in mind, what you are watching on Netflix that’s nice but what should you do when you are not quite sure about your activity on Netflix or what you should watch then try suggestions from Rotten Tomatoes.  Just visit the site and read reviews on different shows of Netflix.

Netflix in Pakistan

Use Rotten Tomatoes for better enjoyment

7: Subreddit:

If you are not satisfied from Rotten tomatoes than you can check out Reddit. You can read articles and suggestion from experienced users.

Netflix in Pakistan

8: wifi connection / mobile data.

If you are using wifi connection for internet browsing, then you should check your wifi connection when using Netflix. If your mobile is not connected to wifi, then the result will be your data loss.

9: watch Netflix with your friend:

You can watch Netflix with a person that is far from you by using a rabbit. You and your friend can watch Netflix at a time same as you both are waiting at the same place.

10: Account access to different people:

Yes, more than one person can watch Netflix by accessing the same account. You need to add profiles in your mind. You can make profiles for all of them that are watching Netflix through the same account.

11: Hidden categories:

When you log into your account in Netflix, you can see only those categories that are on your dashboard. But it is fantastic to hear that Netflix have more hidden categories like”comic books” and “superhero movies”. So you can access all of these hidden categories by copy and paste this URL: then you need a code to enter that you can get from this document Enter the code and enjoy Netflix.

12: Multiple Profiles:

Netflix in Pakistan provides you with multiple profile facility. More than one family members can make a profile on Your Netflix account and can customise their profile by their self according to their need and requirement.

Last Note:

As Netflix in Pakistan is gaining popularity very rapidly and everybody is gaining attraction towards Netflix. Due to its flexibility and 24/7 access. You can schedule your required show at any time and have access to a wide range of shows.

source: mangobaaz