Before getting into buying the network adapter, you must know what a network adapter is and for what purpose it is used in the computer. Well, it is an electronic component, which is used in a laptop or computer so that they can interface with the local computer network. They can work with the wired connections which include the ethernet cable, wireless using the routers or both.

But How Are You Going To Know Whether A Pc Adapter Is Present In Your PC Or Not?

In both the PC as well as the laptops, you need to look for an RJ-45 jack on the back of the computer. It will appear like a phone like jack but will be bigger in size. When you are looking for in a notebook computer, the jack is going to look like thin metal, a removable metal device that is in the size of a credit card.

For the computer, which is running on windows, they may contain integrated adapter chips. What you need to need to do is to activate the device from the control panel. In any computing device, you need to look for a small external device that has the lights connected in the USB port.

How To Buy Pc Adapters?

Customers research a lot when they are looking for PC adapters. You can find many suppliers which are selling various electronic equipment online as well as offline. But to buy PC adapters online or offline is often a challenging task as you do not know which one to go for. The online sellers today are selling these adapters at a very affordable price and selling them with a router as a part of a kit. This kit is known as the home network kit.

There are various kinds of sellers online as well as offline and much can be found selling both the ethernet and Wi-Fi supported adapters, carrying mostly the similar functionality.

How Are You Going To Install The Network Adapter?

There are only two steps which are involved in installing Pc adapter hardware:

  1. The first step involves connecting the hardware to the computer.
  2. The second step is installing the software for the hardware to work

For the PCI adapters, what you need to do is to shut down your PC first and unplug the power cord in order to install the adapter. A PCI adapter is that is going to fir into a long and narrow slot on the motherboard. The case of the PC must be opened and it must be fitted or installed neatly.

Note that only the adapters which are Wi-Fi supported can be plugged into the computer when the PC is running normally. When you are installing a hardware system, you need to install the software in order to activate the hardware to work. You need to complete the basic software installation which is very necessary for the device to work.

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The installation is done through a CD-ROM which contains the information for the hardware. With this, the software is going to allow the operating system to communicate with the Adapter.


The network adapter is one of the main components for both wired and well as wireless computer. Sometimes you need to buy the network adapter separately as without this there is going to be no internet connection.