Student life is not as relaxed as many imagine it. College and university students have to spend much of their time attending lectures. After lectures, they have to spend more time at the library or a lab doing assignments. There is little time for parties, friends, an active social life, etc.

Essay Writing Services Online

Sometimes, the number of papers, essays, and lab reports that a student has to write is excessive. The idea of failing to submit all of them causes stress and anxiety. This is why many students prefer to pay for essay writing services online. This is a very convenient solution when you cannot do all your homework yourself.

A simple search on the Internet will yield many options to hire these services. However, one must be wary. The level of quality varies widely among different companies. Some professional essay writing services are very good and reliable, like SmartWritingService. Others are downright scams. The least you want is to pay for a poorly written essay, right?

Therefore, you must know how to choose a good essay writing service online. In this article, you will learn what to look for in a company providing professional essay writing help. With this information, you will be able to make the best decision about the service to use.

First, Pay Attention To The Essay Writing Company’s Website

The website is the best business card for any company. It gives the first impression, whether good or bad. Thus, take a look at the website of an essay company you are interested in. How well does it look like? Is it a professional website? Or does it look improvised? This tells you much of the professionalism of the company and its services.

Pay attention to the URL. Does it begin with HTTP or HTTPS? The latter is a secure version of the Internet protocol. Hence, if the writing company has a secure website you can be more confident of its reliability. You would not pay using your credit card on an unsecured website, would you?

Also, check whether the website includes a “Contact Us” section. If so, take a look at what information you can see in there. A reliable writing company should provide at least a phone number, email address, and physical address. Beware of websites that provide just an online form to contact them. Call and send an email to the writing company to verify the authenticity of their contact data.

A valid phone number and email address are not a guarantee of a safe website. However, they show the seriousness of the company. It gives the feeling that they do not try to hide anything. Generally, scams and illegal services do not want to be easily located.

Next, Check Carefully What The Essay Writing Company Offers

Once you have determined that the writing company is trustworthy, you can start checking its service offer. Most writing companies offer to write a custom essay according to your instructions and requirements. This should be a given. You will not pay a company to write an essay that you do not need.

More importantly, take a look at all the guarantees of the service. The most important ones are:

  • A guarantee that your essay will be 100% original. Poor-quality writing services often deliver plagiarized essays. You do not want to pay for a verbatim copy of an essay available online, do you? You want the writer of your essay to be creative. He or she must write entirely original content from scratch. The most reliable companies employ editors that scan all the essays and papers for plagiarism. They use advanced software to detect verbatim copies of sentences or paragraphs. They have a strict non-plagiarism policy that penalizes writers that continuously resort to plagiarism;
  • A guarantee that professional writers undertake the task to write your essay. For this sake, writers must have an excellent command of the English language. Moreover, good knowledge of academic writing formats and styles is necessary. However, that is not enough. The writer in charge of your essay must be an expert in the pertinent discipline. This way, technically sound content is ensured besides impeccable English writing. The most reliable companies hire writers that hold advanced academic degrees;
  • A guarantee that your essay will be completed and delivered on time. Failure to meet the deadline will have bad consequences for your grade. Hence, punctual delivery is a must;
  • A guarantee that your data and identity will remain confidential. Many students prefer that nobody knows of their relationship with an essay writing company. This is understandable. Essay writing services, although legit, are not widely accepted by the academic community yet.

With all this information you will be able to choose a reliable essay writing service. Good luck!