Renewable energy is gaining popularity day by day in our world because it is very environment-friendly and very cheap as compared to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. It is easy to manage and use instead of other energy providers. In Pakistan, renewable energy is gaining popularity day by day not even in commercial areas but also in housing societies. And so many online solar shopping sites are also working in Pakistan.

Solar energy sites in Pakistan

Solar energy is at the top position in renewable energy. So many companies are providing solar services online as well as all solar items online. These are some top sites providing online solar items like panes, inverters and etc.

Ishopping is known as the biggest shopping sites in Pakistan. Ishopping is dealing in all the daily usage items. This time ishopping is one step forward from other general online shopping sites. This site is dealing with solar panels this time. You can check out online solar panels at this site. is the biggest site in the online solar shopping sites in Pakistan. Its specialty is that it is the shopping site dedicated to solar shopping. This site is providing all the solar energy-related items online on affordable prices. You can buy here solar panels, solar inverters, Batteries, Led Lights, Power tools and all other solar-related items. These are providing items of all the big solar brands like Solar max, jinko, wellsee, aleo, sun tech, and many other companies.

One more advantage is here is that if you are a solar technician, you can work with online solar shopping site in Pakistan by just registering yourself online without any fee and charges. is also one of the biggest online solar shopping sites in Pakistan. These are not only providing online solar items but they are also providing all type of solar services. They are providing a huge verity of solar items. You can buy polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels from this site. In the battery, they are providing all types of batteries online. They are providing dry batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries as well. They are also providing the facility of net metering online and have different packages. is also one of the top solar sites of Pakistan that are providing online solar items. This site is providing all the solar items either they are big panels or they are cables, nuts, and fitting elbows. is providing home delivery all across the Pakistan and free shipping at 50,000 RS. is known as the shopping sites that deals in all electronics items. If you are looking for electronic items online you can buy from here. W11stop is providing solar items online. You can check online. This site is also providing solar items all across Pakistan as same as other sites. They are also providing the solar items for the home, commercial and industrial usage. is another online solar shopping site. This site is also providing all the solar ranges online in Pakistan. They are providing D-Lights, Hybrid inverters, Mono and polycrystalline module, off-grid and on-grid inverter and water pumping inverter. It is a project of VOLTASOL Pvt.Ltd working on solar energy since 2016. And this time they are moving to the online market for customer ease in purchasing.

Olx is the classified site that is not dedicated to online solar shopping but you can find all the solar items here. It works as a middle medium between solar service providers and consumers. Olx is full of solar advertisements, where you can find new and old solar items as well. You can find so many local solar service providers on Olx. OLX is not selling any solar items by itself but acting as the middle man between the service provider and seeker. It can help you to find out the local service providers that are near to you in your nearby areas. is also providing services and products online. They are not only working with solar energy and product but they are dealing in all kind of renewable energy include hydel energy and wind energy. They are also dealing with all the branded solar items.

Last Note to Know:

Renewable energy and solar energy requirements are increasing day by day and the number of companies and sites are also increasing. These sites are listed on the bases of user popularity on Google in Pakistan. In the future, their places can be changed on the basis of popularity and performance.