Does your child pay attention when you summon them? Do you think it’s easy to detach kids from cell phone addiction? It is not possible to separate kids from phones. Devices are necessary, but to use with caution.

Parents handover the phones to children with a purpose- to stay connected and remain entertained, but the objectives may get diverted.

If teens are continually paying attention to the device, less attentive in studies and other activities – be watchful. Even while eating, if kids are looking at screens -it’s a warning!

Your child is a victim of device addiction.

Parental Control App

Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Anything in excess is poison, hence control and monitor of excessive usage of smartphone is the need of the hour. The parental control app is the key to curb mobile obsession.

Take a peek into the parental control app and give a glance on the best ways to fight teen’s cell phone addiction.

Introduction To Parental Control App

Parental control is a software application built for parents and kids to remain in constant touch with the child’s online activities.

Your kids may hide cell phone activities. When they see you coming, either they change the screen or lock the device immediately. Parental control app allows you to check such suspicious tasks virtually.

Let us move to the best techniques to control gadget obsession with the help of parental control.

Best Ways To Fight Teen’s Cell Phone Addiction

  • It Starts With Parents – Follows What You Preach.

If you have a habit of checking emails over dinner and answering texts on family outings, your kids will follow your footsteps. Be a role model. Don’t answer unimportant calls and turn off the sound while you are with kids, pay complete attention to their essential activities like a school play or sports day.

Such practices will minimize screen time, and children will become disciplined.

  • Decide The Limits:

With parental control app, time setting enables you to plan the hours to check each application in the teen’s phone. If the child needs extra time to use a specific app, they will need to seek your permission.

Setting time limits improves punctuality in kids.

  • Involve Your Kids In Setting Rules:

When children are involved in setting rules of using smartphones, it will open the scope of effective communication, and they will willingly put a hold on over usage. Which means kids are aware of the results that can occur if they get addicted to the device.

Here, your child will feel that they are heard and openly share their requirements.


It is harder for kids to fall asleep if they are in the middle of a Snapchat dialogue, group texts marathon or browsing through messages loaded in Facebook messenger. It is recommended to keep away the gadget an hour before the sleep time because once they get engrossed with phones, it’s a tough task to separate them.

Gadgets ought to restrict to kids health and mental peace.

  • Use Technology To Mitigate The Usage Of Excessive Smartphones:

It is rightly said, ‘Diamond cuts Diamond.’ Use parental control application to control the excessive use of devices. It has varied features like App and Call Blockers to block unnecessary apps and spam callers, Time Schedule for scheduling hours, and Panic Alert, which sends an alert on your phone if your child is in danger.

Why not adopt the leading brand in the parental control app market- Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

What Is Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a software built for Android users to keep surveillance on teen’s online tasks. Bit Guardian Parental Control is a technologically, sophisticated, yet user-friendly app. The app creates for both parents and kids.

You can scrutinize every movement your kid makes on a gadget. Bit Guardian Parental Control protects children from inappropriate web content, exposure to ‘not to be seen’ pages, overscreening, and much more.

Highlights On Noteworthy Features Of Bit Guardian Parental Control:

  • Panic and SOS Alert: It sends the notification on your phone and current location of a child when they are in danger
  • Kiosk Mode: This will create a new launcher on kid’s mobile screens. A teen will get access to only those apps that parent has permitted.
  • Time Schedule: It sets the countdown to use different applications

Final Verdict:

Overcome the cell phone addiction with useful features of Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

The best way to fight teen’s cell phone addiction is by using none other than Bit Guardian Parental Control App. Trust on the trust of 10000+ downloads and secure your child. Install it in your device now!