Chernobyl is one of the cities located in Ukraine. If you are one hell of an enthusiast who is ready to take up all of the adventures soon, this is undoubtedly the right time to get in touch with the city.

Things To Do Near Chernobyl


Things To Do Near Chernobyl

Even students planning to go to Chernobyl and take up a course of study can do so, as there are lots of universities out there that provide excellent courses of study. Thus, some of the top things to do in Chernobyl are as follows:

  • Feeding The Catfish

A vast opportunity for all travellers and even for students who are coming to the city to study here, one of the coolest things that can be done here is to feed the catfish. Such fishes roam in the local water bodies, and they get attracted by the smell of the food that you feed them. , there is fun and excitement in feeding these fish, as they come flocking to you for the food.

  • Visiting The Ghost Town

After the Chernobyl disaster, the whole area around the nuclear power plant is known by the name of the ghost town. Since then, the entire area has sealed, and most visitors can take a walk around the ghost town to realise the effect that was created as a result of the disaster.

Students who take up various courses of study related to the nuclear power plants, also get an opportunity to see the results and get an idea of the atrocities that were faced by the local people because of the explosion. Thus, the place truly attracts a large number of tourists and also gives adequate knowledge of the significance of the town as well.

  • Climbing The Secret Station Of Duga Radar

The Duga Radar point is considered to be one of the highest over the whole of Chernobyl. The climb is not easy and is done with the help of stairs. But the view from above the station is marvellous, and you can see the whole city from up there. Most of the enthusiasts can take good pictures as well and therefore. This is one of the adventurous activities that tourists can surely take up while in the country.

  • Visiting The Radioactive Cemetery

The active cemetery is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster. In memory of all, this place is considered to be quite creepy, but it is undoubtedly an exciting and sad place to go to. It is said that the cemetery holds up to 1000 dead and thus, you can go and pay your tributes to all who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

Do you want a Study Near The Infamous Ghost Town?

You can take up studying near Ukraine to experience the whole feel of the ghost town. Don’t worry. It is perfectly safe to live there. If you want to take up a course of study in Ukraine, various universities grant opportunities to the students to master the subject so that proper job prospects are availed.

Some of the students can also take up part-time jobs as well and work in several small institutions or some of the local shops as well. However, some of the best courses that can be taken up in Ukraine are as follows:

  • MBBS

There are lots of colleges in Ukraine that offer the study of MBBS. If you plan to see the scope of medical research in Ukraine, some of the best colleges and universities can be looked into so that you can gain an idea which one is to be the best for study. Also, some of the colleges offer the study of other additional courses as well and therefore. You can benefit in a double manner too.

MBBS in Ukraine also comes with practical sessions and even internship training as well, so that you can get in touch with the real world and get to experience the genuine part of the job. Even the colleges help in staying off the students as well who come from abroad, and thus, no difficulties would be faced by anyone concerning studying any course here.

  • Chemical Engineering

Ukraine has always been the hotspot of studying chemical engineering as to the sole reason being that the disaster prompted various questions that are still left unanswered. Due to this, most of the students take up this course because they can come up with relevant solutions to the situation of crisis.

Chemical engineering study can be done in all of the universities and colleges in Ukraine, and no individual credits are required to join. However, you must have chemistry as your subject of study so that it is easier to understand the formulas and then come up with better answers to the course of study.

  • Nuclear Studies

One of the fascinating courses that can be taken up in Ukraine is nuclear studies. The most delightful matter about this course is that it helps to know of all things as to how a nuclear reaction is formed and what all it takes to make an atomic bomb.

This course has lots of benefits, as one can become a scientist and help in the testing laboratories and other centres. Thinking of the job prospects, this course of study can be purely taken up in Chernobyl, as the candidates are many.

Seeing To The Prospects Of Studying In Ukraine

Chernobyl is unique in the sense that it offers all sorts of opportunities for the students to take up any course that is required, but if you want to specialise in some of the very basics, then you can concentrate in one of the above directions.

Instead of studying in the city, most of the students can find some desirable neighbourhoods to stay and also keep in touch with some of the social work that can be taken up along with the degree program. There are vast opportunities that must not be neglected as it helps in achieving better job prospects and also looks into other suitable options for other professions.