PLE Computers Australia is one of the most trusted brands that supply Notebook, Computers for Computers, Accessories, Custom Built PC’s, and Managed IT Support Services in all over Australia.

Since 1991, PLE Computers is offering its services to all Aussies and is still one of the leading Computer brands with the most trusted customers.  The Head quarterlies in Wanger, WA (West Australia), which is a privately held firm founded in 1991, occupies 11-50 employees.

PLE Monitors

Experience the most realistic and highly graphics Monitors LED ranging from 19.5-inches to 49-inches LED that not only gives you a practical and HD graphics display but also consumes less energy than ordinary LED.

Get to the Next Level as PLE Australia offers all kinds of Monitors that includes Gaming Monitors, Business, UHD, 4K, Curved, Portable, Touchscreen, and Monitor Brackets. Don’t get worried about the Size; PLE monitors range from 23-inches to 49-inches above the LED. It supports all brands’ monitors of Asus ROG, Acer, AOS, BenQ, Gigabyte Aorus, Philips, Samsung, and ViewSonic.


PLE Australia offers CPU’s for those who are fond of gaming and desire to increase their CPU’s so that they can run and play the games smoother without lagging or glitches. We know there are two most famous competitors in terms of CPU’s, which is AMD, and the other is Intel.

Now, you may wonder which one is better. Well, both are the fastest CPU, but it depends on you which one you are willing to buy or which supports your Laptop or Computer. You can get all variety of processors of famous brands like AMD Ryzen, AMD Athlon, Intel Xeon, Intel Pentium Gold, and Intel Core processors for all generations.

PLE Memory RAM

You don’t have enough budgets to change your Laptop or Computer, what will you do in such situations? Surely you don’t like that your Computer hangs while performing multitasking or when you are doing heavy tasks.

PLE Australia offers Memory RAM to boost up your Computer speed and gives you a silky performance. PLE offers you RAM and Memory of high valued brands like Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, GelL, GigaByte AORUS, Kingston, and Thermaltake.

PLE Hard Drives And SSDs

A couple of years before, we were amazed to listen about 1TB Hard Disk, but now it’s not surprising for us because the range now transfers up to 10TB hard Drives. PLE Australia offers a versatile range of HDD and SDDs drives in both external and internal variants with different shapes and sizes that suit and perfectly fit your system.  PLE provides all variety of SSD and HDD, which includes 2.5 HDD, 3.5 HDD, 2.5 SSD, mSATA SSD, M.2 SSD, NAS hard Drives, PCI Express SSD, and Surveillance HDD.

PLE never compromise on quality which is why they offer the high quality brands Products from which some of the brands are Corsair Force, Crucial, Gigabyte, Intel, Intel Optane, Kingston, Kingston SSD, Samsung, Seagate Barracuda, Seagate Firecuda, Seagate IronWolf, Seagate SkyHawk, Silicon Power Velox, WD Black, WD Blue, WD Green, WD Purple, WD Red Pro, WD Red, WD Ultrastar, and WD Ultrastar Helium.

PLE Cases

This category is for those who are fond of Computers and desires to build a custom PC that looks like a sweet gaming beast. PLE gives you the best advice in which the PC cases would suit you. PLE Australia Computers have an extensive range of PC cases that include Fans, Lights, and Slots for SSD and RAM.

PLE offers Case Accessories, Extended ATX, Full Tower, Micro ATX, Mid Tower, Mini ITX, Open Frame, With Power Supply, Without Power Supply, and many other significant accessories you may be willing to have. PLE Computers has a wide range of cases of brands like Asus ROG, Asus TUF, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, eVGA DG, Fractal Design, InWin, Jonsbo, Lian-Li, NZXT, and Thermaltake.

PLE Graphics Card

It is what the Gamers love most, but most importantly, it helps us in other ways like doing Graphics works, Editing, Sketching, and other Photoshop work. Even thou, Systems come with a built-in graphics display, but still, we need some external support for more clarity and pixels. PLE Australia offers a numerous range of Graphics Cards of notable brands like AMD and Nvidia to sort out your problems you been facing.

PLE offers External Display Adapters, AMD Radeon, Nvidia GeForce, and Nvidia Workstations. The famous brands of which PLE Computer Australia is selling the products are ASUS GeForce, eVGA GeForce, Gigabyte GeForce, HIS Radeon, Leadtek Quadro, MSI GeForce, MSI Radeon, and Startech.

PLE NoteBooks And Tablet

There is no need for defining what Notebook and tablets are, and you already are familiar with these terms. PLE Computers Australia offers a versatile category such as Home, Business, Education, Gaming, Two in One, Ultraportable, and Workstation Notebooks and Tablets.

You can have a notebook and tablet under 14-inches and more than 17.3-inches of the display. PLE offers a value for money and high-quality Tablets of Razer, Asus, Acer, and MSI brands.

PLE Custom Built Computer Systems

Now, this is what the brand core is. PLE Computers is based upon this category, and since 1991, PLE computers are providing their services in Western Australia and also all over Australia during online Shopping.

Looking for Home, Business, Gaming, Ultra Small, Compact, Servers, Custom Build Tools, or built-ready to go PLE gives you the best Deal offers in Australia. From the last 25-years, PLE is manufacturing the best Custom Build PC’s with desired and handy specifications, so get your customizable Computer right away.

PLE Accessories

Get your favourite accessories like Batteries, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Keyboard, Gaming Furniture, Gaming Accessories, Microphones, Headphones, and other Misc Accessories at PLE Computers Australia. Cable and Adapters, Case Modding, Flash USB, Gadgets, HUBs, KVMs, Port Expanders, Modems, Optical Drives, Printers, Power Supplies, Rack, Sound cards, Speakers, Tools, Webcam, and VR, these all significant accessories will be at your fingers tip just at one platform which is PLE Computers in Australia.

Where to Buy PLE Computers Products at Cheap Rates?

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