With advances in technology and rising internet penetration, smartphones have now become a necessity – a device that has come to be weaved into our regular lives. A smartphone packs a multitude of applications designed to make it easier to go through each day; from instant internet banking to online food orders. An easy indicator of the value of these devices is the availability of screen replacement cover offered by insurance companies in a bid to cover damages caused to the smartphone screen.

And as the utilities stack up, the risk of smartphone theft and loss have piled on as well. Security blips with these devices are gathering momentum; so much, so that giant phone makers are revaluating strategies to comply with the standards and stay relevant in the market today.

But that story is for another telling. To address the more relevant question, here is a 5-pointer checklist that can help you secure your all-essential smartphone from risks of varied kinds and shapes.

Protect Data

As useful advanced technologies have been, they’ve also led to a manifold increase in risks related to loss or theft, for that matter. Protect the data that is there on your phone – and to do that, you can consider the following:

  • Activate Screen Lock

You can make use of a lock screen widget and lock your smartphone using a password, 4-number PIN code or facial recognition, for that matter. Quick and convenient, this necessary security measure can secure your device from chances of loss or theft.

  • Note The Serial Number

Once you have the serial number down on paper, you can easily report a theft (should it happen anytime in the future) to the authority. This measure works on other fronts as well – should your phone need to be sent for repairs, it can be safely returned to you once the job is done.

Turn On Location Tracker

In addition to the measures as mentioned above, turning on location visibility and tracker is another effective way of securing your device. The essence is that the same GPS settings that help you find the nearest restaurants can also assist you while trying to track down where your phone might be.

Here, an application helps you track the location of your smartphone in real-time, thereby making retrieval fast and easy. But for this app to work, the phone should be switched on and have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Careful With Applications

A few security software applications can guard your smartphone against the potential dangers of theft. Consider the following steps:

  • Be Careful While Installing The Application

Pay attention to security warnings, if any, before downloading applications to prevent malware, phishing (a technology used to lure hapless victims into sharing personal and sensitive information) or virus.

Bear in mind to download applications only from official stores and disable third-party app developers.

  • Install The Updates

After having downloaded a new application, install regular updates to ready your phone with the latest security updates. These updates are essential, considering they serve to tackle potential dangers.

  • Lock All Applications

Some applications can be sensitive, considering they act as platforms to exchange personal information – both texts and pictures. You can set up an application lock as well, only by creating a secondary password. This way, sensitive applications would be off-limits.

Use Only Secure Network And Connections

Most smartphones have the option of auto-connecting to wireless servers and networks. That being said, hotspots and dubious networks are, by far, the sternest threat to security. Make sure that you are logged into a secure connection before searching up the internet or operating your e-mail. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) or secure wireless connection can be the solution in this regard.

Take Regular Backup Of Your Data

Most smartphones today have the provision of data-synchronisation with respective e-mail IDs to override the dangers of theft and loss. This follows that you should allow your phone to take regular back-up of in-phone content and information as a way to stay protected at all times.


The onus to keep your phone secured from the possibility of theft is on you. Official stores are abuzz with mobile theft protection apps that can come in handy. These measures aside, opting for smartphone insurance is something you can consider as well. That’s because mobile phone screen insurance is directed at covering your go-to device from probable damages and associated risks of loss.

Moreover, with online mobile insurance, protecting your phone now is just a few clicks away. Pocket Insurance from Bajaj Finserv has on offered a gamut of affordable insurance solutions intended to make coverage easy, comprehensive and tailored to your unique needs.