Your bedroom is a place to feel calm and relaxed. The last few hours of the day are the perfect time to ease the stress of the entire day with a relaxing book or magazine. Some of us also enjoy working in our bedroom. The lighting in your bedroom is generally appropriate for resting. It is softly lit to keep the tone soothing while you go to sleep. But this type of lighting can be a difficulty for reading or working.

It will put too much stress on your eye and cause problems such as headaches and vision impairment. Having bedside lamps or lights can help you enjoy your favourite material without ruining your eyesight. So, if you are to walk into a store to add an appropriate bedside reading light for your bedroom, then what should be the considerations? Here is a checklist for you to keep in mind while shopping reading lights for your bedroom.

Reading Light


  1. The Reading Light Should Be Portable Or Flexible

The key to identifying a good reading lamp is the flexibility of its parts. Different materials require different angles and levels of lighting, and having a flexible neck helps us adjust this according to our needs. The lamp should be adjustable to suit the height and angles of anyone who is using it. These adjustments are necessary applicable whether you are looking for a swing arm or a mounted base lamp. This type of modifications helps eliminate glare and bad angles and enables you to work more comfortably. For example, if you are working with glossy paper, or a highly reflective surface, in that case, reading will become hard with a single angle fixture.

  1. Look For The Right Amount Of Intensity Or Brightness

Your bedroom set is usually lit dimly to keep the place looking calm and appropriate to rest. But reading or writing requires proper lighting to reduce strain on the eye. Hence, look for a bright light that is focussed. Look for lights that do not cast too much shadow. These types of lights help you work comfortably. Overhead lighting options are a choice to look into. Reading lights are task lights and hence should not light up the entire room. Therefore look for focussed designs that deliver proper brightness to the table or bedside.

Reading Light


    1. Choose The Right Types Of Reading Light Bulb:

As mentioned above, the brightness or intensity of the light is crucial to reduce eye strain. Today there are multiple options available for views. There are LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, as well as halogen bulbs. Led lights are energy saving as well as offer excellent brightness to light up the area for reading.

Similarly, halogen and fluorescent lamps are also effective lighting choices for reading. Refrain from using incandescent lights as they only partially illuminate the reading material. Halogen bulbs offer bright white lighting, which is the perfect condition for reading. It explains the page well to reduce strain on your eye. Fluorescent bulbs, although an enjoyable alternative to incandescent, gives a slightly greenish-blue tone in the light which could be disturbing.

  1. Explore Styles That Match Your Decor And Utility:

The reading lamps you introduce into your bedrooms should match your décor apart from being helpful while you read. Hence, explore various styles as options to understand the optimum choices that bring the best of both worlds. Task lighting is beneficial to offer light in every corner of the room without disturbing the décor or overall tone. Wall sconces adjoining your bed is a great idea for reading lights. This type of light can give enough light to enjoy a magazine or reading material, without lighting up the whole room. You can also embed your bedroom decor style in the lightings.

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Ceiling pendant lights are yet another great choice for task lights in your bedroom. Customizable sizes and length of pendants are available to make sure you can place them at distances you like.

  1. Be Careful What Type Of Materials You Choose:

We often tend to pay less attention to the pattern of light that our lamps can emit. For example, even if you have a bright bulb attached to the sconce, if the shade is dark in colour or the design does not open enough space to emit light well, then you are stuck with bad reading light. Be aware of the material, colour, and style of shades you use for the lights.

  1. Keep Your Placement Choices In Mind:

Before you even step inside a store to pick out lamps, the first decision to make at home is to pick the place where you are planning to place the reading lights. Each part of your bedroom require different types of lighting, and no one lighting solution can fit them all. Whether you are planning to light your bedside table or a table located near a window will help you narrow down the styles and options available. Your lights need to be parallel to your eye line to help you work better and comfortable. Hence, keep the light placement in mind while you explore the various options.

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  • Choose The Right Size And Scale:

Space is an important parameter to keep in mind when you add anything to your décor. So do not forget to measure the place where you intend to place your lamps to ensure there is no overkill. Chose a lamp in the right size to light up the region well. Too big or too small will both negate the purpose of reading light. Similarly, if you are planning to place the light on a nightstand or table, then the base should not be more than 1/3rd of the surface of the table. This ratio will give proper balance and placement for the lamp.

An overhead reading light is a great option for big and spacious bedrooms where the light will not brighten up the entire room. Also, explore light fixtures when you are planning to decorate your room to get practical lighting options that match your interior well.