We are very much aware of the acne of how it ruins your personality. No one wants to live with acne. Everyone wants to treat acne with some permanent and solutions as well as the use of home remedies for baby acne. Before finding some acne solutions and home remedies, one needs to know some reasons for acne.

Today, acne is not common among young people, but babies are also a victim of acne these days. What are some ideas and solutions for baby acne? Before finding the right treatment, we have better to look at some reasons for acne. There are so many reasons behind the cause of acne on the baby’s face.

Baby Acne

Baby Acne

The skin of a baby is more sensitive when compared to the kid, young or a mature person. So, babies are prone to acne in today’s time. Parents always search for the best baby acne treatment, because they take tension of baby acne on the face as they love their kids a lot.

It is estimated that around 20% of infant babies are the victim of acne. What are the causes? The baby is tiny and just of days, so what can cause acne on the baby’s face and body. It’s a long debate, Majority of the babies inherit acne from their mother’s hormone during the time of delivery. To know some useful details about what causes baby acne, one should search skincaretour.com to find some unbiased information about baby acne.

Baby Acne Causes:

  • Baby acne most commonly causes due to the following:
  • Maternal or Infant Hormones
  • Yeast
  • Probiotic (Imbalance)
  • Medication (Reaction)

How Long Does Baby Acne Last?

It’s up to the capacity of a baby that how baby bears the pain of acne. Some get recovery in a couple of days while some take time to recover, but it usually takes up to one month to recover. Further, if we look at the reasons for acne, we’ll come to know about many acne reasons. There are many reasons for baby acne, but the main reason that we discussed is the mother’s womb. The placenta is the name of a hormone that causes baby acne on the face.

Other than this particular type of acne, eczema and chickenpox are severe types of acne that affect the health of babies. Babies feel lazy when they suffer from such acne especially chickenpox.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Disease?

It’s straightforward; take your baby to a skin specialist who deals in kids. It would be of great assistance to get the advice of a doctor whenever the baby suffers from severe acne. Never take acne pain lightly because babies have less strength to face acne pain.

Other than getting the advice of a skin specialist, one can also find some home remedies to fix baby acne. Finding a home remedy is considered as the best baby treatment that works great. The use of fresh buttercream and honey can be mixed up to make a moisturiser at home.

It works great on the face of the baby, and the majority of people follow this treatment to fix the issue of acne just because of its efficient working. No doubt this particular treatment is far better than meeting a skin specialist. Any doubt?

Baby Acne Treatment – The Best Proven Ways:

Follow the below home remedies ways to get rid of baby acne – don’t to worry, all these ways are tested and have no side effects at all.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

It’s the best remedy. Extra virgin coconut oil or unrefined organic coconut oil is most suitable for moisturising and hydrates the baby’s skin. You have to apply a couple of drops of the oil onto the skin; it will help clear the acne up just as soon. If you want to find an immediate & effective result, you then should repeat precisely the exact method four times a day. Coconut oil can be a natural fixing which also will help to get off baby rashes.

Breast Milk:

Breast Milk would be your best-proven natural elixir for baby acne and rashes too. But, also, it gives nutrition to a baby. Have a cotton ball and set a small quantity of breast milk. Then, you have to gently rub the cotton on the acne-prone areas to heal infant acne.


It’s the best-proven cure, and also the fantastic thing is you can easily find corn starch in your kitchen. Just take a small sum of corn starch and put in it in the water, then mix it properly. You may utilise this mixture straight into the affected area and see the difference. It is helpful to dry the skin of your baby and also treat acne like a charm.

Honey and Lemon:

Honey and lemon both are the best ingredient to clean the skin of baby’s and even these are quite effective for the most delicate skin types. Take lemon and honey equal proportions and then blend it very well. Apply this mixture directly into the affected area of your baby. Allow it to sit on for 20 to 25 minutes later you should rinse your baby skin with hot water to fill out the treatment.


Being a mum, you ought to take care of your baby and should have to eat healthy or organic food choice. It is well said that “Prevention is much far better than the cure.” Thus, you may even stop your infant’s acne by merely switching your diet. There is no need to eating sweet or sour foods & keep in mind that cut down the intake of dairy products. You have to neglect oily foods, even citrus fruits as well.

You have to consume food like kimchi, kefir, miso, and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, consult with your doctor & get the diet plan chart.

The Final Words:

  • You have to clean your baby’s face daily
  • Don’t apply the excess pressure on the infant’s skin
  • Don’t try to scrub the baby’s skin
  • Avoid oily products

Don’t panic – be patient and try the above ways and home remedies to cure baby acne. Good Luck!