According to research, India is one of the most prominent destinations when it comes to medical tourism. A lot of tourists prefer healthcare centres in Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat for medical tourism in India, attracted by world-class healthcare services at comparatively lower expenses.

In October 2015, the value of Indian medical tourism was approximately Rs 3 billion. It is expected to rise to Rs 9 billion by 2022. From studies, it is evident that nearly 57% of foreign medical tourists opted for allopathic treatments, 16% resorted to meditation and yoga, and around 9% of the patients have taken naturopathy treatment. A testament to the variety of healthcare services on offer in India, it sees among the highest number of tourists in the world.

Factors Attracting Medical Tourists

Medical tourism in India is growing by approximately 30% every year. Following are some of the factors responsible for attracting tourists.

Lower Expenses

India offers top-quality healthcare services at affordable prices. The expenses for treatments in India are approximately one-tenth of that in the US/UK for nearly the same level of healthcare requirements.

Quality Of Treatment Offered

India provides high-end treatment utilising the latest technology and technique. India has 28 hospitals accredited by JCI.

Waiting Time

In the case of developed countries, patients often have to wait before major surgery. In India, there is no such waiting period, especially at the highest rated healthcare setups which are famed to provide prompt service to medical tourists.

Skilled Doctors

India has many experienced and qualified doctors. It is one major factor which continues to influence the growth of medical tourism in India.


In spite of the diversity of styles, India has the highest population of English-speaking individuals only after the US. The communication gap between the patient and the healthcare professionals is vital for excellent services. Top Indian healthcare setups boast a near 100% saturation of English-speaking professionals, a significant boon for tourists, most of whom are from English-speaking nations like the US, UK, Australia, etc.


The Government of India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with the Ministry of Tourist, are working hard towards making India a highly prospective medical tourism destination. Specific services, along with transportation assistance for foreign nationals, are among the first steps already in motion.

Suggestions For Improvement

According to the research conducted, it is evident that there is still scope for improvement. It can significantly increase medical tourism in India.

A Strong Online Presence

Online marketing can be quite essential when medical tourism considered. An individual needs to maintain an easy-to-understand and user-friendly blog and website. Lybrate for doctors has effectively increased medical tourism in India.

Better Technology

Medical tourists are attracted to advanced healthcare facilities. To attract them, therefore, you need to invest in top-notch practices and facilities. The cost involved depends on the type of facility which is being provided. Opting for a loan for doctors can help with the investments.

Accommodation Service

Comfort is highly essential to accommodate foreign medical tourists satisfyingly. Accommodation is one of the basic annals of international patient engagement protocols. As such, top medical tourism hot spots are actively integrating such accommodation solutions along with healthcare pre-requisites to sufficiently provide foreign medical tourists with both comfort and the necessary medical attention.

Visa Assistance

An invitation letter for the visa is necessary to travel and reside in India as a foreign tourist. Therefore On receiving the details required like the passport number, the visa invitation letter is issued as per a pre-specified time frame for the individual in question.

Foreign Medical Tourists

To actively attract foreign medical tourists, healthcare providers are investing pro-actively to update their infrastructure and body of services offered up till international standards. It includes advanced equipment, top-notch treatment and a well maintained social media profile. Efficient practice management software can make it much easier for healthcare providers to properly tend to every patient and keep tabs without any hassle. However, you can follow a doctor’s guide on medical tourism for more information.

All of this requires a substantial investment. However, the necessary capital may not always be readily available. To address this, several financial institutions offer various facilities along with their advances to make it easier for the borrower to repay the loan availed.

Medical Tourism Industry

The medical tourism industry has greatly benefited the country in many ways, along with an overall increase in the economy of the country. Further growth in medical tourism in India is expected according to studies. The number of foreign patients coming to India is rising every year. Hence, Opting for external financial assistance and investing smartly today can take your healthcare business a long way.