Google AdWords campaign is one of the most popular ways to do online paid marketing. This is one practicable way to get started with promoting your links on search result pages. And this is being adopted by most businesses who want to explore immediate opportunities and look to achieve results online, going over the prolonged practices of gaining organic ranks.

But, as you try Google AdWords for the first time, you may find it difficult to set up and running campaigns. And it requires some getting-started guidance and learning and days of tangling between using the tool and the technique of bidding to get you the desired results. As a new business operating online or with high stakes involved, you need to go firmly and steadily to have your campaigns created and worked out flawlessly.

Word of caution: You can easily blow your first $500 on Google AdWords without getting any results if you don’t do it going with the apt approach and plan to set and run campaigns right.

To plan your AdWords campaign right, here is the step-by-step guide suggested by Google Ads Management experts, so you easily glide through the process and achieve the most value in return.

Here Is A Crisp 12-Step Plan To Learn How To Set-Up And Run Google Adwords Campaigns To Get Them To Perform For You Optimally.

  1. Log Into Your Adwords Account

This is the login link for Google AdWords if you want to use AdWords’ existing Google account.

Setting Up Google Adwords Campaign

To get started with a new account, you can follow this link.

Setting Up Google Adwords Campaign


  1. Set Your Advertising Goal

The first screen you get after first entering your account asks you for your main advertising goal.

Do you want to get more calls or get more website sales or get more physical location visits? These are the three options that Google AdWords likes you to share based on which it would decide your channel of promotions and offer you the choice of campaigning options to go with.

Setting Up Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Fill In The Vital Details

The next initial step would ask you for the business and website details. Once you mention these, it will show you an ad creation screen with auto-filled details that it picks from the website’s titles and descriptions.

 Google Adwords Campaign

Here, as you fill/tweak/complete these and mention your phone number, you are taken to the keyword selection area. This requires you to pick the keywords representing your business’s services and offerings or describe your theme of communication.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Select The Geographical Area

As you enter all the above preferences, you will see a screen to select the geographical area you want to target. Here, you can type your location options and select them as needed. Here, you get options to select all countries and territories or to go with just the specific ones. You can include or exclude areas doing an advanced search.

As an alternative option, you can pick an address and select a radius within which you would like to do the promotions.

Here, it allows you to check with the exact area and point out a precise location by entering zip codes, location radius, or coordinates. Save it once you have selected and arrived at the right location preferences.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Set Up A Budget

You need to set up a budget to get started with the campaign. There are recommended budgets and custom filling options. Once you define this figure for campaign spends you set a cap for ad expenditure and limit your daily average-budget to a certain mark.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Review Your Campaign

Reviewing the campaign allows you to check with all the business and advertising details you have filled in over the course. You can make your changes and enter new details if you feel it necessary to go by a consolidated view. This will include campaign name, goal, website, business name, ad text, phone number, locations, keyword themes, and the budget that you fix for the ad.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Confirm Payment Details

Now, the tool asks you to fill in the billing and payment information. This will ask you to enter your card details and set payment preferences. There’s a ‘terms and conditions’ check button at the end of the form, and as you tick it as a sign of your approval, you are set through to get started.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Predefine Your Network Reach And Campaign Type

As you start with it, you get to select from options like Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, and more to set your network preferences. Here, most of the users select the ‘Search Network only’ option from the list. This is the most suggested way to set up a regular AdWords campaign to get you to search for promotion results.

This will get to list your results on Google search pages alone, which grants you the most quality exposure and reach with the search traffic. Going with Display Network, you will also be bidding into other search engine networks like AOL and many others.


  1. Choose All Features

Once you select the ‘Search Network only’ option, you will get to choose from ad categories – standard, installs, engagement, dynamic search ads, and all features.

If you do not have any specific preference and want to go with the comprehensive choice, you should select the ‘All Features’ option. With this, you will choose a specific time of a day for promotions and get your account stats higher, doing away with exposing your ad to the audiences during the less productive or stagnant hours.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Pick A Relevant Campaign Name

Well, this will seem more important to you as you get to work on other campaigns in the future. Have a name that you can easily identify and relate to for a certain group of ads. This will also get the finding and tracking the campaign from the list much easy later on.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Set Your Default Bid, Budget, And Time

Default Bid is the amount that you are willing to set as maximum spend for a day. Well, that doesn’t at all mean that you spend that amount in a day. If you enter $5 here, you do not necessarily consume this entire amount just in a day. The clicks decide the payable amount on your ads. Here, the more bid you set, the more visibility you will get on the SERP results.

Likewise, you can set a schedule and time when you want your ads to be running. Like you can pick a time for weekend ads between 11 AM to 5 PM and weekday ads between 10 AM to 8 PM. The most prolific time range can be reached with case-based analysis of experiments running trial ads in your area.

 Google Adwords Campaign

  1. Press ‘Save And Continue’

Once you set up the board furnishing all the required ad details and bid options, you are all set to go with your campaign. Just pressing ‘Save and Continue’!

 Google Adwords Campaign

Well, this may seem too much of it, but as you start filling the details through the intuitive Google AdWords interface following the explanation in this step-guide, you will get through with setting up the campaign pretty easily and smoothly. And that should be as quick as 10 minutes of a going-live time!