How do you feel when you get your tattoo done? Have you ever come across strict employers who don’t value tattoos? Well, despite tattoos being a common trend with most people, it might be a problem when it comes to matters of work. For instance, however much you spent on your tattoos, the kind of best professional tattoo machines you use, some employers will not accept tattoos at work. Besides, it is like a taboo showing off a tattoo at work. Therefore, we came up with this guide to help you understand some of the places that you can walk in confidently, showing off your tattoo.

Chief Executive Officer

When you own your own company, you have pretty much freedom to choose what you want to do. You are the head of the company, and having a tattoo will not be a big deal. No one makes their own rules like the chief officer of a company. During the old times, you would find them in suits looking so official. However, in the current general, you will discover CEOs in t-shirt and hoodies at work running their companies. Well, to my surprise, they are embracing tattoos just like any other human who has an interest in getting a tattoo.


If you intend to work in the music industry, then you in the right sector where tattoos are accommodated. How many musicians have tattoos? Well, ideally, the origin of symbols is the music industry. Some people tend to go through the process because he or she saw a tattoo on their favorite musician. It seems like a theory, but there is some truth in it. Musicians have a significant impact on the growth of tattoos across the world. Therefore, it is one industry that perfectly works with the tattoo. You can go to your studio or event, and no one will restrict you.

Physical Fitness Trainer

It is another excellent industry that you won’t encounter problems if you have a tattoo. Besides, we treasure them, and we always hope that our employers shouldn’t be strict whenever they spot a worker with a symbol. Additionally, fitness clubs and gyms are very lenient when it comes to this. Besides, they even encourage such practices such as tattooing the company logo on their bodies. It is one of the simplest ways that enhance the marketing of the business. Moreover, if you have a fitness club name on your hand, then most people will read about it, and you might end up making profits.

Construction Sites

It is one of the most popular and crowded industry. Construction sites can accommodate a lot of people with different types of work. However, this industry welcomes tattoos, and the workers can freely show off their tattoos without an issue. Additionally, if you are planning to join the construction industry, then you don’t have to worry about your tattoos. Moreover, note that most managers and heads in this kind of sector embrace this. Besides, you will have to wear an apron while at work, so most of your tattoos will be covered throughout the day.

Fashion Designer

According to its name, it revolves around the world of art. In most instances, most artists would prefer to express their creativity in different ways, including getting tattoos. In the world of fashion, tattoos are accepted and highly embraced by the people. It is unusual to find symbols in this industry as it a natural part of every scene in fashion. Additionally, you will come across the best fashion designers in the market with a variety of tattoos on their bodies.

Beauty Industry

When it comes to this industry, it focuses on a variety of things such as hairdressers, cosmetologists, barbers, among others. A tattoo is not a foreign art in this type of industry, and they work hand in hand. It is all about enhancing the outward appearance of a person, and tattoos can do well in such situations. Additionally, you can find some establishments featuring tattoo places.


Well, above are just some of the few industries that tend to embrace and accept tattoos. Besides, most of the workplace does not allow workers to show off their ink. However, I believe if you have your tattoo hidden and you put on the right attire, your bosses and managers will never know about your ink.