Most are guilty of having a pile of old t-shirts stuffed away in the back corner of our closets, ranging from shirts given to us for free at past company retreats, to charities we’ve volunteered with, to student organisations from our school years. Some tee shirts have ended up as the essential wardrobe piece of our sleeping attire. Other tees have been passed down as hand me downs from our oldest child to the youngest.

But let’s face it; most of the shirts we’ve accumulated over our lifetime have provided little use to our daily attire. For some reason, we can’t seem to let go of these t-shirts that, even though we’re not likely to ever wear again, represent special moments in our life that tie us to our roots.


Simple Ways To Style Your T-Shirts

Today’s fashion trends, however, have gifted the unassuming t-shirt with a second chance, by providing different ways to dress up our t-shirts and take our wardrobes to the next level. Ever wondered how that same white t-shirt could look so effortlessly chic on that model during Paris Fashion Week? Here are some tips to revamp your outfits and bring life back into those old worn out rags. Read on below and don’t throw those tees out just yet!

1. Tuck In That T-Shirt

Sometimes, wearing tees can make us look unkempt or lazy and dwarf us in size. One way to keep your favourite t-shirt from looking baggy is by tucking the bottom into a pair of high-waisted jeans. Just like that, you’ve turned that basic shirt into an outfit worthy of the title “street style”. Practical and straightforward, this trick also works when worn with mini skirts, denim cutoffs, or high-waisted skirts.

2. Oversized T-Shirts

Accidentally grabbed an XXL when you meant to grab a size L? Not a problem! Throw it in the wash once (or a few times for good measure) and you’ll be grateful for once that the laundry machine decided to shrink your clothes. If that won’t do the trick, wear your oversized shirt as a t-shirt dress.

This simple trick can be styled with a pair of booties or even some beat up white sneakers, and it’s perfect for when the summer heat kicks in. We can all also take a trick from Ariana Grande’s style notebook and pair a tee shirt dress with thigh high boots. If that still doesn’t cut it, there’s nothing wrong with adding another large, comfortable tee to your sleepwear collection.

3. Statement Tees With Statement Shoes

Nothing makes a statement like pairing a statement tee with statement shoes (now we dare you to say that ten times fast). Do you have a shirt with a phrase that resonates with you or matches your current mood? Or maybe a Christian t-shirt with inspirational words or text that moved you and you’d like to share with the world? Let your clothes do this talking for you and slip on a pair of statement shoes like a pair of heels.

Throwing a blazer on top can also add a sophisticated element to the simple tee. Statement items are meant to be a form of expression, so add a jacket or even some pieces of jewellery – anything that helps you feel good and look good.

4. Slip It Under A Slip Dress

Sometimes, the t-shirt doesn’t always have to be the star attraction. For a simple and effortless ensemble, dress up a basic white tee with a black slip dress for a 90s chic vibe. This look is better when done with tighter t-shirts that fit closer to the body. Throw on a cute pair of sneakers, and you are ready for a night out with friends or even a morning brunch with the family.

5. Business Casual Friday

Yes, maybe you thought you would never have to wear a tee shirt again once you got hired for that classy job in that upscale office building, and the majority of your closet has now been replaced by freshly pressed suits and dresses for work days and business meetings. Then the unfortunate business casual day rolls around and – surprise – you realise you do not have anything casual to wear. There’s a reason business casual exists, and that’s to give those tees you held onto a second chance.

To take your casual Fridays up a notch, try pairing a white or statement tee with a suit. The casual shirt with the formal jacket and pants is a good contrast will create an edgy look while still following the “casual Friday” guidelines. For an even more casual look, suit pants can be replaced with well-kept jeans.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered a newfound love for your old tees with these helpful style tricks. Everyone is wearing Today’s classic tees, so don’t forget to check your favourite celebrities or fashion influencers to draw inspiration for your style. Rules are made to be broken, so never be afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to those t-shirts!