Live streaming has proven to be a useful marketing tool for brands that help them to leverage. An incline of digital marketers and digital influencers towards live streaming has been observed in recent years. Live streaming has overgrown at an alarming rate ever since its evolution. It has become the favourite marketing tool for brands to boost audience interactions and their presence in digital marketing dynamics.

The Internet industry is flooded with ample social media platforms that offer live streaming solutions. The battle between the top live streaming platforms has been on to provide the best features to its users. Periscope was the first app to introduce live streaming solutions way back in 2014. Later the same was purchased by Twitter, which expanded the audience base of periscope live streams.

Walking in the same gateway, other social media platforms started offering live streaming solutions to pace up their game and mark their presence in the digital arena. Top trending social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer live streaming services with the best features to help brands to expand their presence globally.

Live streaming has proved to be an effective and cost-effective marketing technique that is trending in the current era of digitalization. Live streaming has been a game-changer ever since its inception. With each passing year rise in social media platforms, that offer live streaming solutions has been observed. You must be puzzled with why live streaming has become so popular on social media platforms. With online facebook streaming or with a live webcast on Instagram, brands can reach a large audience base globally without any geographical restrictions. There are several other benefits associated with live streaming; let’s have a look at some of them.

Benefits Of Live Streaming On Social Media

  1. Live Video Content Gets More Attention

Apart from the global reach, live webcasts on social media platforms attract a more extensive audience base. A survey reports that video content is likely to get more clicks and engage the audience more efficiently when compared to blogs or graphic content. Videos are fun to watch and imparts the message most entertainingly and interactively. It involves the audience until the video ends and gives them real insights into the events. Live videos help in building a connection with potential viewers by sharing the authentic content to build trust in a particular brand. Video content attracts higher traffic when compared to another medium of marketing.

  1. Boost Real-Time Interaction

A sudden rise in social media live streaming has observed. It helps in boosting real-time interaction between potential customers and brands. Live video streaming on Facebook, Live stream on periscope, or live webcast on Instagram allows brands to organize polls, contests & quizzes. It helps in boosting real-time interaction between brands and customers, which results in customer-brand relationships. Loyal customers than act as an influencer of the brand motivating others to opt for a brand, resulting in sales leads of a particular brand.

  1. The Popularity Of Social Media Platforms

The popularity of the most trending social media platforms has made live streaming so popular on them. There are millions and billions of active users around the globe on Facebook and Instagram. It helps the brand to reach a maximum amount of population sitting at one place. Ever since the inception of the live streaming solution, an increase in the number of users who watch live webcasts on social media has increased every year.

  1. Live Videos Improve SEO

Various social media platforms have worked on its algorithms to synchronize it with the search engine for live streaming. Facebook has worked on its algorithms and updated its algorithms ever since it starts offering live streaming solutions, which allow live videos to rank at the top in Facebook search results.

Some Top Trending Social Media Platforms That Offer Live Streaming

  1. Periscope Live

Periscope is the first social media app that brought live streaming into existence. The live stream on periscope was introduced way back in 2014. Later twitter purchased periscope in 2015, which results in the broader exposure to more audiences through a live broadcast on periscope. When a brand opts for periscope live video streaming solutions, they are well aware of its target base. It helps in boosting real-time interactions between the brand and its target customers. Live broadcast on periscope stays for 24 hours after the event gets over, allowing the audience to view the webcast if the missed the live show by any chance.

Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most trending social media apps that has billions of active users around the globe. It is popular among the people of every age whether we talk about youth or old age people. Everyone is found quite easily on Facebook in the current era of digitalization. Opting to broadcast live video on Facebook is one of the smartest moves by digital marketers to make their brand reach millions across the globe. It helps in leveraging brand events and gives a sudden hike to any brand, which results in boosting sales leads.

Live video streaming on facebook has helped many brands to make their place in the digital sphere. It helps them to attract a broad audience base while boosting real-time interactions between brands and customers. Facebook online streaming allows brands to conduct various interactive sessions to keep them engaged until the live webcast ends. Live video streaming on Facebook stays for a timeline of 24 hours, allowing viewers to catch the event even after it gets over.

Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming

  1. Youtube Live

Walking with the current trends of live streaming, YouTube worked on its algorithms to level up its game. It offers youtube video streaming solutions for its users to get benefits from the same. Youtube is the first platform that clicks in mind when we talk about watching videos. Various brands have their presence on youtube for a very long time with hundreds of subscribers. YouTube video streaming solutions allow brands to flow stream for a longer time duration when compared to other social media sites. It helps in getting traffic as it has been used around the world for watching videos. But there is a crucial play, and if a brand wants to live webcast on youtube, one must have a channel with more than 100 subscribers. Keep it in mind to change the settings to public, which allow more audience to view the live webcast on youtube.

Social Media Live Streaming

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram has been a favourite social media app of gen-next. If the product or a brand targets Gen Z, then live webcast on Instagram is the best solution to reach its audience base globally. Live stream on Instagram Live stays up to 24 hours allowing viewers to catch the missed live stream of a favorite brand event. Live broadcast on Instagram has helped many brands to launch its product or introduce an entirely new brand. It has helped various brands to mark its presence in the digital marketing dynamics and level up its game to stay ahead in the competition.

Social Media Live Streaming

It’s been clear by now that live streaming is here to stay. By seeing the current dynamics and growth rate of live streaming solutions, it has been proved it is the most powerful marketing tool in the current dynamics. Therefore the battle between social media platforms has been on to offer the best live streaming solutions. It has been helping digital marketers, influencers to level up their marketing game. Hence, It has been a clear fact now that live streaming is the future of social media, and in the coming years, we will witness more rise in social media live streaming.