Social media marketing (SMM) is growing very rapidly these days. It is not only about posting, comment and sharing posts. Social media marketing is the modern way to interact with customers. It can play an important role in meeting ROI goals. Social media management free tools can help you to analyze your goal achievement without any cost.

Role of social media management free tools in ROI

A bunch of Social media management tools is available in the online market. These tools can help you to monitor your social media presence and can analyze its growth and improvement. You can use these tools to meet your ROI goals. You can follow the marketing goals and can help to achieve them by using social media. According to the research, internet users are spending more time on social media platforms. So, social media is the new market for sellers and buyers. You can sell your products and services on social media; you can attract users by branding or you can use any other formula that can improve your ROI.

Social media management tools:

Social media management tools can help you in this entire scenario. The market is full of different kinds of management tools. You can choose free social media management tools to monitor and analyses your social media presence. Here are some free social media management tools:

1 Buffer:

Buffer is one of the leading and famous social media management tools providing so many features for users. This is very easy to use and has a feature of schedule posts. You can integrate different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) with one another in one place and can post. It provides post written, Gif and Video content features. You can find a time graph tool that tells about post reach and viewed from your audience. It is easy to get data from your desired webpage by using its browser extension.

This is the best tool for small business owners and managers. But you are limited on free account access. You cannot post more than 10 posts on each social media platform as well as you are restricted with three social media platforms integration. It is free but you can use its pro features by spending $15 each month.

2 Crowd fire:

Crowd fire is also a good tool for small business managers. In its free version, you can manage only one social media profile with up to 10 schedule posts. You can collect different images, content form online webpages by using crowd fire extension. This tool provides daily reports on profile performance and growth.

You can manage up to two social media profiles at a time with an upgraded account. You can upgrade the account in roundabout 8$. In this plan, you can manage two profiles and can schedule up to 100 posts at a time.

3 SM hack:

SM hack is also very popular among digital marketing agencies and small-business managers. This tool is providing almost all the necessary features on one dashboard. You can find content, tracking, and post scheduling and task management here. You can connect up to 3 social media profiles and can manage posts without any limitations. It is very easy to use because of all features available on a single dashboard.

SMhack allows multiple users that is a unique feature in this tool but managing multiple accounts can be a difficult task. You can upgrade its basic plan in just $3 for a month. You can get basic reports in this tool.

4 Social Oomph:

Social Oomph is a very unique and wide tool. You can use this tool for any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumbler, RSS feeds, Plurk and blogs. In the free version, you can schedule tweets and can track keywords. It is limited to five twitter accounts.

You can schedule products in its easy interface but it allows only twitter account in its free account. For multi social media platforms, you need to be paid account. You can get its advance account in just $15 per month.

5 Tweet Deck:

Tweet Deck is also a free tool for social media profile management. In this tool, you can manage only a twitter account. You can monitor and can manage all the functionalities of twitter. It is totally free, so you can use features and accounts without any limitations.

You can track twitter campaigns by integrating this with Buffer. This is the best tool for twitter handling of individual and small business managers.

6 Hoot suite:

Hoot Suite is a free tool that allows us to manage up to three social profiles in its free version. We can manage its post scheduling up to 30 posts. Hoot suite also provides tracking of posts and accounts. You can track followers and post statics with two RDD feed integration.

7 Follower wonk:

Follower wonk is not a basic level of social media management tools. It provides a deep level of data and analytics of your social media profiles. You can analyze your follower’s ratio, their location, bio, and any other information. It can compare your social media profiles with different competitors. You can analyze the competitor’s profiles in limited access.

All these features are available in free tools with limited access. By this, you can analyze your data and can improve this. You can get more insights by upgrading its account. Its price is $29 to $79 per month.


These social media management tools are providing free accounts with limited access to its features. These tools are the best options for low budget small business companies and for the agencies that are providing social media marketing services. You can use these social media management tools to meet your ROI goals.