A solar water pump is representing its working from its name. These are the same pump that working on daily usage electricity but the deference is that these solar water pumps are using solar energy that is at the top of the renewable energy. In solar water pump benefits, it is environment-friendly and produces low-cost energy alternative of the carbon fuel pump. The world is adopting this energy very quickly either they are using for home, office or irrigation. So many countries are adopting this energy due to reasonable solar water Pump Price like Pakistan, China, USA, Japan and Germany, and many other countries.

In our country, solar energy is gaining popularity day by day, that’s why all the energy-consuming products are shifting to solar energy. A solar water pump is one of them. Solar water pump provides us with cost-effective and clean water. Water is the necessary part of our life so solar water pumps are working in different usage here like;

  • Home Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Livestock water Pump
  • Pool Pumps etc.

These are the types that we are using to fulfil our daily necessities. Before going for a solar water pump, it is necessary for us to analyses, what is our requirement?  Here we are going to discuss what is a solar pump and how is it working?

What is a solar water pump?

A Solar water pump is used to carry out the water where water supply is difficult. These pumps provide you with ease in your electricity usage also. A solar water pump is also helpful where you have does not have an electric supply.

The solar water pump has main three components:

  1. Power source: solar panel as a power source
  2. Controller: It controls the power supply availability and needs
  3. Pump: Pump to carry out water from its source.

These are the basic requirements that you can use anywhere, for damage control you can use fencing around the solar panels and solar water pump. It depends on you that which type of product you are using after analyzing your requirements. When we are talking about the pump, there are two major types of water pumps.

  1. Helical rotor pumps: Also called as screw or progressive cavity pumps. They are used at the high heads where the flow is required from low to medium.
  2. Centrifugal Pumps: These pumps have rotating impeller in it and used at low heads where the high flow of water is required.

Next point is that where you are using pumps either on the surface or under the surface. Every person has their own requirements; you can choose a pump according to your need.

Surface Pumps:

Surface water pumps used where you need limited pressure for your water flow. The delivery pump is an example of a surface pump that is used for moving water from one location to another. A practical example of this type of pump is the water pump used on the farm to move water from one to another side.

Submersible Pumps:

Submersible pumps are more powerful pumps. They are used under the surface in a bore. These pumps can be used to moving water from rivers to the dams. They are fitted in the ground and covered with iron or plastic Pvc casing.

How does solar water pump work?

We are starting with its power source. The main source of energy is sunlight. Solar panels get direct energy from sunlight. Solar Panels are photovoltaic (PV) that means they can absorb sunlight. They are made of semiconducting material like silicon. These panels produce Direct Current (DC) by getting energy from sunlight.

After that currents flow from its source (solar panels) to its power control box. (In modern technology) This box converts direct current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC) and controls the flow of current from Solar Panels to the water pump. Here a program is used for current flow tracking named as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). This box controls the current status and prevents it from high and low voltage current that can harm your whole system. We can control the speed of our solar water pump from this control box. It also displays system status.

This system will work only when there is sunlight. But if your need is not only for the day but also for the night then you should use batteries for electricity storage. You can use stored electricity later on the night or when sunlight is not available. For this purpose, you need extra solar panels that will store electricity in your batteries.


The solar water pump is very easy to install, either you are using a battery or not. If you want your solar water pump working only in the day time than you have no need for battery but if you want electricity all day and night also than batteries are necessary to connect.

On the first, you need a pole that is fitted in ground. Your solar panels will fit there when poles are fixed. You can attach a control box on that pole.

Then connect your power supply cable to the solar water pump. After that connect poly pipe and safety cable to the water pump and then set the position of water sensor and water pump.

Connect the mains supply power cable from solar panels to control box. Check the visual display and verify that the connection is working properly.

Solar energy price calculator:

Solar products are available in the market with different price ranges. Price calculation is necessary before the installation of a solar system. We can check prices from our local market as well as online. So many companies are providing price calculation facility. You also can check the solar system price calculator online (Pakistan) by just adding your product numbers.

Benefits of Solar Water Pump:

Every item or product has its own benefits but important is that which product is giving us more efficient benefits. It has its own benefits as compared to the traditional water pumps. These are the benefits of the solar water pump.

Low Operating Cost:

On the first hand, the solar water pump is a low operating cost project. Because it is using solar energy as a power source instead of diesel and electricity, and solar energy is totally free of cost. You have no worry about the consumption of energy source.

More Reliable:

The solar water pump is more reliable instead of diesel or electricity pump. By this, you have no issue regarding power supply. In the electrical pump, low voltage and power cut is an issue instead of the solarized water pump. Solar pumps also reduce the voltage variation damage cost that can be added in your expenditures while you are using electricity.


Solar pumps are eco-friendly because they are not emitting any type of environment damaging particles. They do not create air and noise pollution. Diesel pumps emit substances that are causing global warming, instead of this solar water pumps are totally environment-friendly.

Easy to transport and install:

They are easy to transport when you want to change the location of your solar water pump. You can carry them and shift them easily because they are not located strictly on one site as like electricity grid. It can be costly and difficult to change location when your pump is connected to an electricity transformer. That’s why the solar panel is easy to shift and install.

You can increase productivity:

You can change productivity according to your need. If you need more productivity as need in summer than you can handle it easily by storing the extra power in batteries and can use when it is necessary.

Economically beneficial:

Solar water pump working is reducing your electricity cost and after that, you have one more benefit that you can sell extra electricity to the government electricity grid. Government is offering to sell solar energy to the national grid. This can be an extra source of income.

Last Note:

After reading this article especially solar water pump benefits, hopefully, you are going to get your solar water pump now. There are so many solar companies providing the facility of solar installation and services. You also can buy solar water pumps online if you know how to install a solar water pump.

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