Website loading speed is essential for all companies engaged in a web-based business. It helps in search engine optimisation and enables a website to rank in the top search results of Google. Several studies have shown that when it comes to the web, people’s patience is not high. Approximately 25% of all internet users will leave a website immediately if it takes more time to load.

A website or its pages must load on any Internet-enabled devices in maximum 2-3 seconds. Slow loading websites irritate users and often have a higher bounce rate. Such sites give fewer business opportunities to their owners. So, how to speed up a WordPress website and make it super fast? Let’s know.

Choose A Reliable Hosting Company

The performance of a website depends on the hosting company chosen by you. Hosting companies store all data of your site on a server and are responsible for its smooth operation. Most website owners use shared hosting server to run their sites as it is inexpensive.

Always keep in mind that a website hosted on a shared hosting server starts to slow down when it reaches a specific audience. However, several websites run on a single server, high-resource sites affect other sites hosted on the server. It can affect the performance of your website and make it vulnerable to different types of online security vulnerabilities. So, choose a reliable hosting service for your website. It will make your website faster, safe and high-performing.

Clean Up Unnecessary Database Regularly

All website and blogs become large after each submission of new articles, photos, comments, etc. All activities on the site are stored in its database. There comes a time when it is necessary to clean unnecessary information from the website database. Garbage (redundant database) prevents a website from working usually and puts additional pressure on the hosting server.

As a result, the site starts to load slows and take more to respond to HTTPs calls. So, from time-to-time, remove unwanted and unnecessary data from the website database. Hence It will make your website super fast. If you are a non-tech person, ask the WordPress website development company to perform this task.

Relinquish Your Excessive Love For WordPress Plugins

Indeed, the use of WordPress plugins helps in WordPress website operation and management. Plugins allow you to add additional features and functionalities to the WordPress website, automated SEO and content marketing activities, and give great respite to website operations. Many website owners use too many WordPress plugins on sites.

WordPress website

Excessive Love For WordPress Plugins

Always remember that plugins put additional pressure on the site’s server and make them slow sooner or later. So, delete all unnecessary plugins from your website & use only those which are necessary to run the site comfortably.

Compress CSS And Javascript Files

Work with a competent IT company (that offers WordPress custom theme development services) and ask its developers to Combine your CSS and JavaScript files as much as possible and remove unnecessary code from them. The smaller the file size and the more optimised these files are, the more Google will love your webpage and the higher the chances it will have to appear in the top search results. Remove unnecessary elements as far as possible. It is possible to compress your files and make your site faster.

Implement Website Cache

Website caching allows you to increase the performance of websites by using the previously stored data. Thanks to the site caching, the server can service requests faster when users visit the site next time. In simple words, caching is an efficient architectural pattern in which the same data and instructions are saved as a copy. Results are displayed to users from the saved copy, not from the website server. Always keep in mind that reasonable content caching is one of the most effective ways to improve your site’s user experience and get more business opportunities every day.

Main Benefits Of Website Caching:

Benefits Brief Explanation
Increased responsiveness of your website Caching allows you to get content faster because it eliminates the need to travel all over the network again. Results are immediately displayed to users from the saved data.
Reduced Network Costs Always keep in mind that content can be cached at different points in the network path between the consumer and the content source. Always keep in mind that when content is cached closer to the consumer, requests will not require significant network activity outside the cache.
Increased performance The content provider can make use of powerful servers on the delivery path to take on the main burden of content service.

Final Words

Website loading speed is an essential factor in the web-based business. Faster websites win appreciation from clients and Google, appear in the top search results of different search engines, and their owners get multiple business opportunities. Therefore slow loading websites irritate visitors and such engines, and their owners perish in the web-based business. So, use these tips to make your WordPress websites faster and perform well in the online business. Best of Luck!

About the Author:

Emily Johns is a web developer and IT consultant at WordSuccor, providing custom WordPress development Services to global clients. She is dived through the open-source code for over a decade and share everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies. You can find her on Twitter!