While the lockdown period remains, you need to restrain yourself from doing so many things, including travelling. But what happens when all this gets over? Shouldn’t you be preparing for that starting from today itself?

You had enough of your weekends spent at home, and surely you would now want to spend it in some incredible places to help you get over the anxiety and boredom that might have stroked you in between this period.

The United States has some of the best places to offer to help you rejoice to the fullest. Whether it is a romantic weekend or an adventure-packed family holiday, one thing is for sure you are going to have some dazzlingly awesome moments while you check out the places mentioned on this list.

Here Are Some Exciting Places To Spend Your Weekend Post Lockdown

Get set for an enthralling journey with these must-visit seven most exciting places to spend your weekend post lockdown.


Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is known for its distinctiveness. With spectacular nightlife, shopping, and dining, it qualifies as one of the exciting places to spend your weekend.

From landmark beaches to historical places, you will find everything in this cosmopolitan city. If you are a beach bum, then Waikiki Beach is the place meant for you. Waikiki Beach is a world-famous spot where you can easily spot a bunch of welcoming tourists.

If you are planning to spend the weekend with family at one such incredible place in Honolulu and there is a lot you want to bring along for the fun time. You need not worry as the universal roof rack would accommodate all your itinerary baggage, leaving sufficient space in the car for your family to relax en route.

What more exciting could you ask for in this city?


Austin, the capital city of Texas, with its eccentric madness and love for music, is acknowledged as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’.

With a laid-back and quirky atmosphere, this city proudly flaunts its motto “Keep Austin Weird” and revels in its eccentricity.

If you want to have a sporty weekend, then the city has several parks and lakes for you popularly known for activities such as biking, hiking, boating, and swimming.

Furthermore, Austin is also known as Barbecue Capital. If someday you feel like relishing some good barbecued food then this is the right place as this city has more than a dozen impeccable barbecue joints to satisfy your taste buds.


Miami, a city in Florida, entices a flock of travellers from almost all over the world. The town provides a fascinating temptation of energetic nightclubs, soothing poolside, fusion restaurant, baroque architecture, and artsy vibe.

With a diverse culture, passion for art, and oceans all around, Miami makes such an incredible place to spend the weekends.

If you are more of a party person, then Miami Beach is a must-visit destination for you. Miami Beach popularly known for its extravagant parties and vibrant nightlife has earned this tag from the trendy cocktail bars and swanky lounges that it offers.

Miami has got something for almost everybody. So, don’t forget to enjoy it to the fullest.


New York City, a place-based in the state of New York, is known as the centre for trendsetting and fashion. The spirit of this city is so high that it will get your body moving and heart racing with its unstoppable madness and fun.

Whether it is dazzling skyline views, beautiful beaches, or elegant museum exhibitions, the city has it all to make you astounded.

7 Most Exciting Places To Spend Your Weekend Post Lockdown

Most Exciting Places To Spend Your Weekend Post Lockdown

Moreover, it has got some of the coolest themed bars so you can partake in some of the best cocktails and foods.

One thing is for sure, when in New York City, you can never get bored.


Asheville, a city in North Carolina, is one of the exciting places to spend your weekends.

From Quaint Mountain Town to Culinary Destination, Hipster Haven to College Town, Outdoorsman’s retreat to Bluegrass home, Asheville has earned a lot of labels that it is nearly impossible to pick one to describe it.

With the emerging gastronomical scenes, southern tradition, and vibrant arts scene, the city is truly an unexpected gem.

Hippie culture is prevalent here due to which, for an adventurous person within you, the city also lets you do enthralling activities including biking, full-throttle hiking, zip-lining, or water rafting.


Seattle, a city in Washington State, with its lush scenery due to consistently cloudy weather, is known as the Emerald City.

Prevalently famous for its pop culture and music scene the city offers a vibrant atmosphere to the travellers to rejoice. The city’s surrounding pine forest offers outdoor pursuits including camping, hiking, and kayaking.

Moreover, Seattle is commonly famous for its seafood, and it also makes one of the best food destinations with more than a dozen exciting food markets and craft breweries.

For a well-spent weekend, Seattle is just the place.


San Diego, a city in California, is famously known for its parks, beaches, and the warm climate.

Most Exciting Places To Spend Your Weekend Post Lockdown

With the magnificent shorelines, beaches like Coronado Beach, South Mission Beach, Flat Rock Beach, and Pacific Beach, etc. entice the sun-seekers in large numbers. There are plenty of activities that you can do on these beaches such as hiking, surfing, inline skating, or taking a leisurely seaside stroll.

If you are not a beach bum, then the vibrant nightlife of San Diego is what might attract you more. As a food-lover, Gaslamp Quarter is the place that you would not want to miss out on. It features a variety of restaurants and bars serving authentic Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood, craft beer, etc.

To vivaciously spend your weekends San Diego is a must-visit destination.


Even though the places mentioned above were a tough pick as the United States has got many incredible places to offer, we have tried our level best to put some of the exciting places to help you cheerily spend your weekends.

Now the call is yours whether you choose one place or put many on the visit list, you are surely going to have some incredible moments which you would enshrine forever.