It doesn’t matter where you live, and crime may happen in your neighbourhood from time to time. Of course, some locations may be more susceptible to crime than others, but regardless of this, you must do all you can to keep your home and family protected and use the best precautions to stop your home target for burglars.

Here are 5 things you can do to stop your home target for burglars.

  1. Keep windows and doors locked
  2. Set up a neighbourhood watch scheme
  3. Smart home security systems
  4. Don’t let burglars know you are away
  5. Get a dog

Keep windows and doors locked

If it is hot outside, you may find it necessary to open your windows from time to time, and if you have a large family that comes and goes regularly, it might be easier to keep your front door unlocked. Although this isn’t a significant issue during the day when you are at home, in the evening, it’s a different story. Intruders will usually try windows and doors before using any kind of force to enter their targeted property, so you must make sure they are locked in the evening and before you head off to bed for the night.

Set up a neighbourhood watch scheme

If the area you live in isn’t already part of a neighbourhood watch scheme (NWS), it might be worth talking to your neighbours and finding out if it’s something that might be of interest. Neighbourhood watch schemes are not only a great way to bring together a community but are also an effective way to reduce crime. Local police heavily support NWS and are more likely to deter burglars from targetting your local area. Erect signage on nearby lampposts, hang posters in windows and make it know that you and your neighbours will not tolerate local crime.

Smart home security systems

Having an innovative home security system installed is a great way to keep your property and family safe. If your property is in any way comprised, an alarm will be triggered, which will usually cause burglars to flee. The company which monitors your alarm system will be alerted and will send someone to your property or, where necessary, alert the emergency services.

Innovative home systems can also be linked to various other smart devices you have running throughout your property. They may also be cheaper than you think, so it’s worthwhile speaking to a specialist and getting a quote to find out what you can get to suit your budget.

Don’t let burglars know you are away.

Many burglars will keep an eye on a home for a few days before making their move, so if, for example,  you intend going away for a spring vacation, make sure your home looks occupied. You can do this by setting timers on your lights or by using smart bulbs and switching them on and off remotely at different times throughout the day.

If you are going away for some time, ask a neighbour to watch your home. It’s also a good idea to ask them to collect any mail so it doesn’t start accumulating at your property entrance.

Get a dog

A more extreme measure, perhaps, but if you have been considering getting a dog anyway, it might not be a bad option. Dogs are naturally protective of their family and their home and will usually bark if they feel that their owner’s safety is being compromised.

If a dog isn’t feasible, there is no reason you can’t have a ‘Beware of The Dog’ sign put on your front gate or door. The mere suggestion that a dog resides in your property could be enough to scare an intruder away and make them think twice before trying to break in.