With sandy beaches on the Gulf coast, sophisticated urban centres, and the gorgeous landscapes of Hill Country is it any wonder that Texas is such a hot spot for destination weddings? The Lone Star State has much to offer for wedding parties who want a unique ceremony and reception. Of course, with the state’s popularity, is it any wonder that venues fill up quickly. Instead of getting frustrated fighting for Archive wedding rentals for your special day, you should learn more about how to pick the right time to make your Texas wedding a success.

Check The Weather For Wedding

Texas may be known for its sunny skies and mild temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you count on perfect weather every day of the year. Spring and fall are the most popular seasons for weddings, with fall in the top spot, because the rainy season is over and the days don’t heat up too much. Summer is just plain hot and buggy, but for people who want a casual wedding, the warmer temperatures paired with an indoor venue make it work. You may also want to consider other intelligent solutions for your guests’ comfort, such as plenty of ice-cold water, programs printed on fans, or large-scale portable fans to keep the air circulating.

These other weather concerns may be a good reason to adjust your date:

  • Hurricane season along the coast or in Houston
  • Severe late spring weather with tornadoes
  • Windy season from Dallas through West Texas

If you do decide on a free service, you should make sure your venue has a backup plan. Wedding rentals Austin may include a tent option or indoor spot that can accommodate your party if the weather turns less favourable. The last thing you want to do is herd everyone inside at the last minute, but it’s great to know you can if you need to.

Culture Is King

The atmosphere of Texas also lends to its interest as a wedding destination. The western vibes make for a perfect theme; some casual weddings may be held in a hill country field or receptions in converted barns featuring Texas barbeque and other local favourites. Different cultural traditions take a Tex-Mex flair for a colourful, flavorful, and memorable day.

With all that Texas has to offer, however, you may have competition at certain times of the year when other significant events happen. Before you arrange for wedding rentals in Houston, for example, you should check the sports schedules; with a passion for football from high school to professional level, you may have other significant parties in town booking popular venues. In Austin, the main concern may be music festivals; South by Southwest in spring and Austin City Limits in fall can almost guarantee you’ll be searching harder for available space. San Antonio becomes packed in late April when Fiesta takes place.

Bigger And Better In Texas

As you can see, you have a lot to consider when you begin planning your Texas wedding. You may want to work with a local wedding planner who can help you navigate the obstacles that can arise throughout the year so that your special day is as close to perfect as it can be.