How products appeal to consumers is of paramount importance for manufacturers and brands. While new product manufacturers keep introducing their newly introduced products into the market, consumer behaviours are constantly evolving. People in the past used to focus on product quality and its features above all else. Today, things have seen a new twist, and people buy what they like in appearance.

Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging

Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging

This is where Custom Packaging for retail products has played a vital role. Making products look and feel different from the outset, packaging also performs other essential functions as well. For example, it allows products to be transported to their selling destinations while keeping them safe and organised. Packing Boxes with custom designs are available today in some of the most beautiful finishes.

Often, brands that truly understand consumer buying behaviour are not afraid to experiment with their Custom Box Packaging. Design innovations that make packaging more functional and also attractive to look at are always preferred. Consumer’s buying behaviours have, in turn, changed the way printed boxes and packaging are produced, here’s how:

Interest Towards Product Bundles

People today have seen a drastic change in their buying behaviours. Instead of having to buy all their products individually, today’s consumers prefer to have bundles where more than one product are packaged in one unit. This has, of course, led brands and manufacturers to change their custom printed boxes and packaging as well.

Box Packaging today is available with design customisations that make it possible for bundled products. For example, it is common to see a toothpaste packaged in a box with a toothbrush. In addition, related products used alongside each other are now sold in one bundle, increasing consumer interest by changing their buying behaviours.

This also has better implications for brands as well. Where people could buy one product from a particular brand and the other from someone else, doing this has boosted sales. A slight price adjustment also can be made to influence buying behaviours for customers further.

Better And More Attractive Packaging Designs

One of the most significant recent changes brought in products influenced by consumer buying behaviours is packaging designs. From actual box shapes and designs to their printed finishes, everything plays a role in its potential. But, unfortunately, people are just not sold so quickly when it comes to the overall appearance of your packaging boxes.

Custom Packaging has seen significant changes and developments in its designs and finishes to cope with changing consumer behaviour. Printed custom boxes and packaging have seen the most critical difference. Some of the modern printed finishes include:

  • Beautiful embossing or debossing for brand logos
  • High detail UV oil printing for images and fancy designs
  • Luxurious gold/silver foil stamping for luxury packaging
  • Modern raised ink printing perfect for texts and designs

Furthermore, overall design prints are now available in much better and more efficient finishes. Colour choices have also evolved dramatically over time. Whether your selected printed designs are full scale filled up ones or minimally attractive, the better they appeal to consumers, the more chances your products will have of selling better.

Consumers Prefer Custom Box Designs

Where Packing Boxes used to be considered a necessity and not so much a luxury, today it has become the polar opposite. Modern consumers want packaging designs to be so much customised that they look nothing like old school stuff. So naturally, brands and manufacturers have come up with packaging customisations that align with new consumer behaviours.

Modern printed box designs are different in their overall presentations and functionalities than what they used to be in the past. Some of the most popular design changes and customisations we have seen include:

  • Custom boxes with clear windows in them for better product displays
  • Fancy gable boxes with a carrying handle that need no additional boxes
  • Futuristic shapes for Box Packaging including the most attractive ones
  • Metal foil boxes for luxury products that have metallic surfaces
  • Easy to use auto bottom or auto top style boxes for maximum functionality
Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging

Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging

More Elegant Surface Finishes and Laminations

Another top feature that has been brought in for printed boxes and packaging is attractive surface finishes. This is also an influence on the consumer buying behaviour and is for a good reason as well.

People like boxed products that look and feel premium from their surfaces. As a result, high-quality unboxing experiences now appeal much more to consumers influencing their buying decisions greatly.

Where Custom Box Packaging has seen many improvements, surface laminations have kept on improving at the same time. Insides of new boxes have stayed pretty much the same while their surfaces have significantly evolved. Some of the most popular surface laminations and finishes you can get today for retail boxes include:

  • High-quality custom high gloss surface lamination
  • Beautiful and elegant super matte surface finish
  • Brilliant spot UV surface lamination for custom boxes
  • Regular and affordable generic cardstock surface finish