Recently, many questions regarding real estate have been trusted by professionals who know and skills in this area. This article will tell you in detail about such a specialty as a real estate agent who he is.

This information will be useful not only for children but also for adults because it is never too late to change activity. We will take the profession’s exact definition from Wikipedia and translate it into a language accessible to an ordinary person.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Let’s take a closer look at what the responsibilities of a real estate agent include:

  • Help in the sale of real estate. To do this, the specialist enters into a service agreement with the client and starts organizing events for the property’s early sale. He takes photos, places ads on websites, hangs up banners, displays premises, and carries out the transaction procedure.
  • Assistance in buying real estate. Finds out the client’s wishes and needs demonstrates the premises, and helps in closing the deal.
  • Real estate rental assistance. Here everything is the same, but a lease is concluded.
  • Checks the property for legal purity.
  • Conducts real estate consultations.

Qualities That A Realtor Should Have

This profession is quite specific; therefore, it is not suitable for everyone, but only for those people who have a set of the following qualities:

  • Well-delivered speech. Clients prefer to see a competent specialist with excellent diction in front of them. This inspires confidence and recognition of professionalism.
  • High level of communication. A realtor does not work for a salary, but a percentage of closed deals. From this, we can conclude that the ability to win over potential customers makes them real, bringing in financial income.
  • Excellent memory. A real estate agent must remember as much information as possible for each of the objects and remember the clients, their names, and psych types. This increases the percentage of successful transactions.
  • Presentable appearance. It’s not a secret for anyone that people who are literate and have external severity and attractiveness have a liking for them. Human psychology is so arranged that we trust the beautiful.

Where Does A Real Estate Agent Work?

A realtor is such a type of activity that you can conduct real estate transactions in different types of employment:

  1. Employment in a real estate agency;
  2. Be an independent realtor, both with the opening of your entrepreneur and without it;
  3. Employment in investment companies;
  4. In the company of the developer;
  5. In social organizations that provide services in real estate transactions.

Who Can Become A Real Estate Agent?

Oddly enough, any person who feels the potential to carry out such activities can become a real estate agent. With all the above qualities, even a young man or a pensioner can become a realtor. Also, the profession does not carry gender divisions. That is, it is open to both men and women.

Pros And Cons Of The Profession

And now about the most interesting thing, about what can influence the adoption in favor of the profession or against it.

Let’s Start With A List Of The Positives:

  • There is no need to study for a long time and get an expensive education;
  • There are no age and gender restrictions;
  • Free work schedule;
  • There is no need to be constantly in the office;
  • With the right approach, a high level of financial reward


  • Not everyone can overcome the barrier of active communication with potential clients and resist multiple rejections;
  • There is no wage rate. You can have no material reward for a long time.
  • High level of competition.

He Should Be Able To:

  1. As a lawyer – to resolve legal issues related to the correct execution of documents and transactions.
  2. An economist – to predict the rate of growth in housing cost, to consider offers on the real estate market, to determine the demand for any object.
  3. A psychologist – be able to find a common language with clients, determine the needs of each person, and convince him and be able to defend his point of view.
  4. An advertiser – to sell a property to a specific buyer, create and write exclusive ads, determine the type of advertising required for the audience (outdoor, in the media, on the Internet, etc.).

Additional, But Still Important, Are The Following Skills:

  • Organization of work on the computer.
  • Ability to use technology – printer, scanner, fax.
  • Know foreign languages.
  • Have a car and know how to drive it.

To determine if you can handle the job of a real estate agent, pay attention to the personal qualities that a specialist in this field should have:

  1. Responsible
  2. Organized
  3. Well-bred.
  4. Persevering
  5. Sociable
  6. Stress-resistant.
  7. Purposeful
  8. Operational
  9. Persistent, but in moderation

How To Become A Real Estate Agent?

To become a specialist in sales, rental, and exchange of real estate, one should undergo training.

What Types Of Education Does A Realtor Need For It?

Manchester is full of universities that teach a real estate agent’s skills, but not everyone can higher education. There are many reasons for its lack of funds, lack of time, etc. Having a higher education for a realtor is cool, but the main thing is to remember that you can sit at your desk for a couple of years and never learn anything.

Secondary education

If you have the time to be complete your studies, you can devote several years to college.

Distance learning in institutes, colleges, technical schools

Again, after completing the training, you will receive a diploma.

Courses in agencies

Many real estate agencies run courses independently and even free of charge, where you can study it. As per rule, successful candidates will get a job in the same agency and not worry about employment.

As a rule, knowledgeable people who have achieved success in this area are teaching. Companies run courses to educate newcomers and, at the same time, raise the qualifications of seasoned employees in it.

At Training centers:

After completing the paid courses, you will become the owner of a certificate that noted that you had been assigned the profession of a realtor or real estate agent.


For children and adults, we briefly but in detail told the real estate agent who is, how this profession differs from the rest, and the pros and cons present in it.