The base of a healthy and harmonious relationship is not just loving. Trust is an equal contributor. Everyone indeed needs space but keeping secrets from your partner is not a good practice. A relationship is not about one person. And it’s about both of you. So if you wish to keep your relationship happy and thriving, don’t hide any episode of your life, especially when it concerns both of you.

Research has found that about 60% of people in a relationship keep secrets from their partners. This is because a long-term commitment requires absolute honesty, and if you hide things, it completely defies it.

If you are hiding some things with the intention of not hurting your partner, or you fear that by knowing your deepest secrets, your partner will no longer love you, you are right. Revealing certain things may cause problems in your relationship and break your happy world, but keeping secrets can make it worse. It is only a short-term solution.

Here Are 5 Things Which You Shouldn’t Hide From Your Partner

  1. Cheating

Yes, this is not the sweetest conversation you would like to have with your partner, but you must raise this issue regardless of the outcome. Irrespective of the intensity of the kind of cheating, confessing the truth is always the best.

If you hide this issue, you must have the lingering fear that revealing this would end your relationship. Sure, it can, or maybe it won’t. But if someday your significant half gets to know about it from someone else, or worse, if he catches you red-handed, things can become messy.

Better to come clean. This will help you restore the trust you just lost. Apologize sincerely. Your partner will understand and then change for good.

  1. Financial Problems

Financial problems are one of the biggest reasons behind fights among couples. Unfortunately, these matters can get so worse after a time that things may eventually lead to divorce. This is why you must always let your partner know if you are facing money issues.

Your partner must also know about your spending habits. For example, if you have the habit of spending extravagantly on shopping or food, or if you invest in the share market with caution, your partner must know about it.

Suppose you have a loan on your head and couldn’t save up the required amount for the monthly payment. Your partner can help you there if they have an idea about your problems. Sitting down and having a calm conversation about bringing things on track and changing your financial habits is usually quite helpful.

  1. Health Issues

If you conceal your health-related issues from your partner, thinking that you don’t want to bring unwanted worry or stress, or you don’t want their pity, you are entirely mistaken. Your partner deserves to know if you have a hard time due to any disease or other health concerns.

Certain conditions such as anxiety, depression or infidelity are sensitive issues and revealing them might be difficult. Still, your partner is bound to be supportive when you open up with them in the long run.

  1. Personal History

Your partner must be aware of your past relationships. You might be thinking that bringing up the past would serve no good, and anyways, it’s past, and you are over it. But, imagine if someday you are leading a happy life and suddenly your ex shows up in front of your partner. This would not only put you in a tight spot, but you may also lose your partner’s trust forever.

Along with your personal history, your partner must also know about your family. The last thing a girl wants would be an overruling mother-in-law dictating the rest of her life. But, if she is already aware of your mother’s nature, she might not mind bearing her.

  1. Intimacy

You might be embarrassed to talk about what you want with your partner. You might fear that your partner doesn’t want to get into physical activities with you. In such cases, it is best to openly emphasize your likes and dislikes and discuss what suits you best.

A healthy relationship must engage in emotional intimacy and fulfil each other’s needs. If you and your partner have trouble initiating this in your relationship, you might want to attend a counselling session with a sexologist.

If you wish to create a long-lasting relationship, there’s no way you can do it with a pile of secrets in your heart. So let it out and see the magic unfold!