Once your baby is born the baby starts to become active as the impact on parents could just prove to be opposite. Let us now explore some of the common healthy tips for first time pregnancy.

No need to hush a baby

When the baby is sleeping there is no need to be quiet. Your womb is loud and the new born are used to the noise. The moment our little one arrived we used to vacuum the floor and my partner used to get all the stuff done.

Guiding the baby to latch

In case if you face issues with helping your baby to latch then you can rely on breast shield in the process. A wonderful tip that I picked up from my lactation specialist that I allowed my baby to latch on for a month and then the baby would latch on automatically. If the breast shields would not have been there I would not have been able to nurse my little one.

Get prepped

Once you touch 3 weeks the days along with the nights do become a lot predictable. This is that time where you cannot focus on the new addition to your family. The best way to combat this situation would be to reduce the stress level and taking care of your needs along with your baby is the perfect way to achieve this. Once a feeding is over it is time to prepare for the next feeding. This is one of the major tips for the first time mother tips. When the baby sleeps take some time to shower or if possible you can take even a nap.

Ensure that the baby bonds with their dad

Do give consideration to the fact that the baby bonds equal time with their dad. The reason being that their voice along with tone is different from yours. In addition to this the baby becomes used to someone apart from you. The first few weeks can be hard as make it a point that the baby is rested so that it would give you a couple of hours before you are going to need them again. Then give some time for the baby to bond with your partner. Do not be nearby as with the crying of the baby you should not step in. In doing so you will provide an opportunity for the baby to bond in more than a single way. Dads are going to need their own time and in this manner a sense of comfort would be provided.

Allow the baby to have their own baby

For a first time mothers things could be really stressful. This would be all the more so if people around you walk up and offer their own side of the story. The moment you walk on to your home you would have your friends and relatives having their own advice. If you allow the baby to touch and not someone the baby would be a lot happy.