In addition to the usual tips such as taking medicines (Fortasec should not be missing in any suitcase) and not drinking water that is not bottled, we will give other less common advice in this article.

At the end of a year ago, I touched base at Cairo International (CAI) for the second time in my life. Into the dusty daylight I strolled, a six-foot American male on his third international ID, to feel the delicate pull of history toward the first stage again.

Again I discovered incredible fortunes of humankind shimmering uncovered over the Sahara’s shoulders, extending for the starry sky—and on a couple of events, in corners, I’d not recently known to search for them.

To those that dreaded for my wellbeing in December, I recommend allowing Egypt a second look. There are flights leaving tomorrow. Here, as twelve things to note before you go, is a spot to begin:

Save On Excursions While Traveling To Egypt

The tour operators offer very high prices for all journeys. By booking online, you can get prices with up to 50% off compared to traditional agencies. For example, the trip to Abu Simbel from Aswan is offered at €125, and here you can buy it online for only €70.

For more basic services such as a buggy ride, do not be afraid to do it directly with the salseros. As the “ordinary people” say, the agencies are making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

If you want to make visits for free, do not be afraid, the Egyptians are very nice people. A good option for first-timers is to form a group with people from the trip who are in the same situation.

Bargain What You Can

It is one thing to go stingy and bargain for the last penny, and another is to pay the abusive prices and sin of a fool. Keep in mind that the initial rates can be increased up to 400% of what you should pay. A big bottle of water in the stores costs 2LE, but as for 10LE they will not seem expensive, it is the price at which they will try to sell us.

Make Everything Clear In Advance

If you negotiate the price of a taxi per trip, you have to take into account that they do not try to increase the fare on the other hand (like the Cairo airport toll). If you negotiate for hours, it is essential to be clear from what time until what time you have the service and that you can go wherever you want and be there as long as you want. The Egyptians, although beautiful, are somewhat licenses and good businessmen.

Tips For Egypt

In Egypt, everyone asks for suggestions, from children to the police, it seems that from childhood they teach you a gesture that you will see hundreds of times on your trip. Do not do something that you think may require a tip if you do not want to give it, because in this case, they can be quite insistent. As an example, even the tourist police will tell you to take a picture of yourself or get on your camel and then put your hand.

If you want to give tips voluntarily, you will find needy people who are not precisely the workers who try to look for a bonus. With 1 Egyptian pound, it is possible to buy bread for several days for a complete family.

Carry Gift Objects

Surely you’ve heard of people who bring pens or T-shirts or making best Watches to know the time to countries like Egypt. We do not know if they need them or not, but there are many children and even adults who will ask you if you have pens to give them. They ask for them anyway, but we have them at home for having.