The inner beauty is what matters, is a phrase that we’ve all heard so many times, it’s practically a cliché now. Subconsciously we do realize that more often than not, a book is judged by its cover and this is why the fashion industry and the cosmetic industry are at their peaks because people do care about their appearances.

Its human nature to be appreciative of beauty and that is why we beautify our faces, bodies and homes alike. Most people attentively decorate their homes and search for tips to beautify your home exterior, but fewer still pay heed to the exterior as opposed to the interior. What they don’t realize is that it is the outward appearance of their home that leaves the first impression and therefore, deserves as much importance as the internal.

A home’s curb appeal plays an essential role during the buying and selling process. No visitor, be it a guest or a potential buyer, is likely to credit an overgrown yard, a missing walkway or chipping paint as charms of an old house. These indications can reflect poorly on any visit, be it personal or business. Has this long prelude made you stop and think about the exterior of your own home and how it needs improvements? Well, Fear Not Let’s get discuss some tips to beautify your home exterior.

We’re HereWith Our List Of Tips To Beautify Your Home Exterior


If you don’t already have shutters on your windows, it’s time to hop onto this trend. Plantation shutters in Sydney are the best kind of window furnishing as they are not only a widely popular design feature but are also highly functional in providing privacy and light control.

They are available in the market in a variety of designs and are made in several different materials to better suit the external material of your house. You can get them custom made to suit your window size and shape and also choose between paints and stains. This purchase will also prove to be a long-term investment, if you’re worried about the cost, as they only need a thorough clean and a swipe of paint every few years.


You do not have to be a plant lover to agree to the importance of this. If your house has a yard, you can see that this area surrounds your residence. An unkempt front yard is equivalent to an uncombed and disheveled head of hair, as it’s practically impossible to not notice. If your flower beds are empty or overtaken by weeds and the grass is either too long or just burnt, your yard needs a serious makeover.

Firstly remove all weeds and dead plants from the ground put in new rolls of grass and then add in shrubs and mosses in beds surrounding your outer windows. This will prevent any future window blockage as shrubs only grow to a certain height. To adorn your flower beds, choose plants that you can maintain easily to avoid a repetition of history. You’ll be surprised at the facelift that some plants and greenery can give to your home.


Ever walked up to home so unorganized, you don’t know where to walk and so you have to walk up the front yard instead of a pathway. Please don’t let this be your house. A proper pathway or driveway is essential in creating coherence in the picture of your house. Create a pathway that incorporates well with the colors of your house and add accent lighting to illuminate the walkway during night time. A well-maintained driveway, surrounded by a properly landscaped yard, is sure to give you the feel of driving into a resort.


The front gate is the entryway to your humble abode and so is the focal point in the façade of your house. If your budget allows, consider installing a new gate, such as a vintage timber one, to add historic character to the exterior of your place. However, if you already have a front door that you like, just sand it down and repaint it a different color. A new coat of paint, perhaps a vibrant color that stands out in contrast to the white/gray walls of the house, is a cheap and easy way to turn a plain old door into a statement piece. You can also switch the hardware surrounding this frontal area, like your house numbers, to newer more modern styles to achieve a rather sophisticated look. Add a unique brass door-knocker for that stand-out effect.


There isn’t a more convenient and quick way to transform any material than paint. This is one project that you can even make a party. Invite a few helpful friends, buy some buckets of your preferred color and some roller brushes, order some pizza and you’ll accomplish a large feat while having fun. Re-painting your house may look like a piece of understated advice but believe us when you tell you that this can turn into a whole transformation if the right thought is put into it. You can always just do some sanding and add a new coat of your favorite old color, but you can also be a little daring and do color-contrasting on your external walls. Or choose a single outer wall to do some shading work or texturing. The options are limitless and ever-growing.


These are some of the most basic routes to take in our journey of house makeover. A host of other ideas, big and small, include adding an arbor to your driveway to create that resort feel or adding accent lights to your outer walls so that the house is illuminated during the night. If you have the space for it, outdoor furniture and décor can also be a very picturesque and practical addition. Swap out your old mailbox with a newer stylish version or even let your kids paint a plain wood one and have their unique artwork on display. Small changes like these, and many others, are sure to give your home a distinct curb appeal and make a definite head-turner.