Reema wanted to eat her favorite ice-cream on last Sunday evening with her friends, but she was quite frightened even to taste that. Because she knew that what was delighting everyone there would be like a horrible dream. Why? The problem of tooth sensitivity with which Reema has been struggling for many years. This is quite a typical case due to which people can’t enjoy their favorite foods and drinks, and their life becomes miserable. Every 4th person out of five people suffers from tooth sensitivity and struggle in his daily life. What’s the solution?

Well, here we have this blog to share with you some of the best quick tips and tricks to cure your tooth sensitivity. But, before going for the solutions, we should first analyze the cause behind the tooth sensitivity and understand what kind of preventions and remedies are the best for us. So let’s get started…

Symptoms Of Tooth Sensitivity

People are suffering from tooth experience immediate pain and discomfort. While eating or drinking something hotter or colder, sweet or sour, and of course, acidic because the teeth and the sensitive gum-line area can’t endure this. The roots or our teeth are protected by a durable coating of enamel and dentin that cover our sympathetic nerves but if for any reason these nerves are revealed or get uncoated, or the gum-line area gets loosely packed.  Some of the most triggers of tooth sensitivity are-

  • Hotter or colder foods and beverages
  • Cold air
  • Sweet or sour food and drinks
  • Acidic intakes
  • Cold water after dental treatment
  • Alcoholic mouth rinses
Tooth Sensitivity

Top-Notch Tips To Cure Tooth Sensitivity

Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

We can’t blame on a sole reason for why we have the problem of tooth sensitivity. There are several reasons behind this horrible nightmare of unwanted pain and jolt in teeth and the gum line area. Find out which one is yours.

Thinner Enamel

The outer layers that cover our teeth to prevent them from the external acidic and bacterial harms are called the Enamel that gets thinner day by day due to our daily intakes of foods and drinks containing acidic elements. Hence, the teeth have to face the harsh effects of hard feed and beverages that make it weaker and start creating cavities, pits, and holes in them.

Hard Brushing

Some people have a habit of brushing hard or using toothbrushes for long times that directly effects on the enamel and tend to perish this outer protective layer that word down with time, and your teeth have to fight all bacteria alone failing which they fall and decay.

Gum Recession

Another cause of tooth sensitivity is the gum recession that left the significant root section of your tooth unprotected and open, welcoming bacteria and plaque to get a stick on them and attack on the sensitive nerve system inside the dentine that ultimately makes the pulp infected.

Broken And Chipped Teeth

Broken, chipped, decayed tooth, unbalanced crown, and word down fillings make the dentin of your tooth open, exposing the root part of your tooth open. So if you have gone through dental implantation or crowning process, then there are more chances to encounter sensitivity in teeth that takes time to get perished only if treated wisely.

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

First of all, thoroughly analyze from when you have been suffering from the problem of tooth sensitivity, what’s the pain level. If it’s been a long time, you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, then immediately consult your dentist and go for the best treatment. Dentists can better suggest you whether you need a routine dental process or the sensitivity can be cured by practicing some worth routines like using a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, alcohol-free mouth rinse, and using toothbrushes with soft bristles.

Sometimes dentists also apply fluoride gels or desensitizing agents that help to strengthen the enamels and provide better protection. By practicing these, if you don’t feel comfortable, go for the complete dental procedure by the best dental specialists.

  1. Bonding, inlays, or crowning treatment fix all the flaws in your gum line area and makes it tighter that helps to cure tooth sensitivity.
  2. Gum grafting helps to cure the eroded gums, and hence, you quickly get comfort from sensitivity.
  3. The root canal treatment helps to heal the severe tooth sensitivity by treating the loose gums.

Consult With The Best Dental Specialists

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Author Bio:

Dr.Mansi Patel is Senior Dental Surgeon writes and speak in Industry. Also, run a Dental Clinic in Satellite Ahmedabad, where she offers Free Dental Checkup to make dental awareness in India.