When we go to the store, we like many types of shoes; once we see them melted on our feet, we buy them. But when you walk, your favorite shoe often becomes a cause of pain. And not blisters or pain in the legs! Tonic is a way to identify the right shoes for your feet. In this content, we provide you some important tips to collect the perfect shoes.

Do You Like The Shoes?

Many people become anxious to buy interesting shoes when they see it. Even if the foot hurts, she wears the shoe only for the sake of beauty. However, experts say that the most important thing to keep in mind when buying shoes is comfort and convenience. Shoes the sizes of a foot are not comfortable. Rather, the longest toe of your foot should be spaced about half an inch above the top of the shoe. This will allow you to move around comfortably.

Exercise Shoes:

If you wear any shoes while exercising, but it will not work, then you can use Canadian famous footwear for your exercise. It would help if you always bought shoes designed separately for exercise. The types of exercise you are doing also depends on what the shoe should look like. For regular morning exercise, you need to buy durable shoes.

Walking shoes are different. When running or exercising like aerobics, choose shoes that have cushions, which will carry the weight of your body evenly. These two qualities of shoes will reduce the pain of your body a lot. There are different types of shoes for walking straight and jumping.

Buy More Than One Pair:

Not ordinary shoes, just exercise shoes, are being talked about here. When you exercise after one shoe every day, there is more pressure on the shoe, so that the middle part of the shoe will go away, and you will not get a chance to be normal again. If two pairs of shoes are exchanged, it will last longer.

Shall I Keep It Or Throw It Away?

How long an exercise shoe lasts depends on several factors, such as the type of exercise, the weight of the shoe wearer, and what the shoe is made of.

Every week for a few months after buying the shoes, make sure that the shoe sole is OK. Then check the shoe later to see if the inside and outside structure is right; if it is right, there is no question. And if you see the shoe tearing, then cancel this shoe without delay because if you wear torn shoes and exercise, there is a possibility of getting injured.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear?

This is about exercise shoes. Now let’s come to the topic of ordinary shoes. Flat or heel? What kind of shoes is better to wear? This question comes to the mind of many.

Experts say wear shoes that will make your feet feel comfortable. Always prioritize comfort, listen to the body. Some get comfortable in flat shoes, some in heel shoes. Shoes should be changed if there are blisters on the feet or pain in the knees and waist, or reduce your heels’ height. Usually, heels should not be more than 2 inches.

Does The Insole Work At All?

In addition to the normal sole of the shoe, there are additional soles available in the market called insoles. Some people use insoles for a little comfort in the legs.

However, experts said that the insole does not actually have any additional benefits. If you use insoles for foot pain, buy from the market according to the doctor’s advice. This is because the insoles made for the treatment of pain or diseases are made according to the patient’s type of foot. Be it exercise or daily use – keep your comfort in mind when buying shoes.