Watching scripted videos on social media has been an old phenomenon, ever since live streaming came into play. Live streaming has changed the digital game completely. Several live streaming social networks are available on the internet in the current era of digitalization. It has helped various brands to expand their reach and leverage globally. An incline of digital marketers towards live webcasting solutions has been observed, to boost audience engagement through real-time interactions. Live streaming has become the most powerful tool for digital marketers to expand the pan presence of any brand, resulting in more sales leads.

Popular Tools For Broadcasting Live Video Online

Live streaming has taken the internet industry by storm ever since its evolution. Without any break, it has gained enormous success and is expanding its wings with each passing year. The digital marketing dynamics have been completely changed and top social media platforms are battling to offer the best live streaming services. A recent survey reports that brands and businesses are going through various social media live streaming guide, to check which platform features suits them the best. Periscope was the first live streaming social network, introduced in 2014. Facebook and Instagram followed the footsteps and worked on its algorithms to provide best in class features and live streaming solutions to stay in the digital race.

When a brand opts to live stream events on social media, it helps in engaging a larger audience base globally. It helps in boosting real-time interactions between brands and customers, resulting in customer-brand relationships. Live streaming allows your customers to act as influencers, resulting in attracting more customers.

Live broadcast tools are an easy and cost-effective medium that is helping various brands to leverage. Live stream on Facebook Live, Instagram Live streams and live broadcast on youtube have gained popularity in no time. It has changed the dynamics of digital marketing. It has been observed that the audience tends to enjoy the authentic live content much more than the scripted camera actions or any blog content. The popular live-streaming tools have helped brands to reach a large number of audience base irrespective of time and locations.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Tools That Will Help Brands To Broadcast Live Video Online To Reach Its Potential Audience. 

  1. Facebook Live –

Facebook Live is one of the top live streaming platforms on social media. Its popularity is well known to all. Facebook has millions of active users around the globe, which makes it easier for brands to reach large masses. When a brand opts to broadcast live video to facebook, it gets a million clicks in no time.

A majority of the population irrespective of their age and gender is easily found on Facebook. Live stream on Facebook live is one of the easiest options for a brand to reach a large number of the target audience. Broadcasting live video to Facebook is one of the smartest moves by digital marketers in the current era of digitalization. It helps in leveraging brand thereby expanding its reach globally. Any brand that has a facebook account or facebook page can stream live. It allows brands to engage the audience through interactive sessions and real-time interactions through comments during the live stream on Facebook Live.

Contacting facebook webcasting vendors will be of much help when a brand plans to live stream events on social media. It will help brands to share their live stream to other social media platforms, allowing to find more potential customers from where they are.

A live stream on Facebook Live is sometimes missed by potential audiences. It can be viewed by followers of the brand later, who missed the live webcast. Live video stays for a 24 hrs timeline after the events get over allowing viewers to catch the event action.

  1. Instagram Live –

Instagram is the most trending social media app that has millions of active users around the globe. Instagram has been one of the most trending social media apps amongst Gen-next. Instagram live streaming solutions have helped many brands who target gen Z as potential customers.

A brand that has an Insta account can easily stream live on Instagram and reach millions within no time. Live broadcast services for Instagram allows the brand to connect with its audience directly through real-time interactions. It allows viewers to comment or like the video when the brand is streaming live on Instagram.

Instagram live streaming solutions allow the brand to host an event or interactive sessions with much ease. Live stream stays on Instagram for a timeline of 24 hours after the event gets over, allowing the viewer to get the catch the live stream who missed at the time of live webcast. Instagram live streaming solutions have proved to be quite beneficial for some brands. It has helped various brands to launch and establish itself on a social platform and reach large masses of the audience in no time. Live videos are easily accessible on Instagram as it displays with a highlight and “live” badge at the top when one scroll Instagram feeds.

  1. Periscope Live –

Live broadcast on periscope was introduced way back in 2014. Periscope was the first app that bought live streaming into play. Later periscope was purchased by Twitter in 2015. Live stream on periscope live can be watched by the twitter followers as well. It helps the brand to attract a more niche audience base, thereby giving brands the wider exposure. Unlike Facebook Live and live stream on Instagram, live stream on periscope live does not have any time limit for webcasting an event. Your live broadcast on Periscope is automatically saved as tweets on Twitter. Contact Periscope live streaming service provider to allow you to save live streams to the device when the live stream on periscope ends.

  1. Youtube Live –

Youtube is well known for its pre-recorded videos and is first to click in mind when we talk about watching videos online. Youtube has even worked on its algorithms to suit the current trend and offered live broadcasting services on Youtube. Brands that have a presence on youtube for a long time have many subscribers, which allow brands to live webcasts on Youtube. When a brand opts to live broadcast on youtube, the brand must have its Chanel with a hundred plus subscribers. Changing settings to the public allow more viewers to tune in at the time of the live webcast on youtube. It allows brands to engage the audience through real-time interactions and even offer monetization options.

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