Your Honda CRF100 has stood the test of time as a trail bike that’s versatile, lightweight and just plain to ride. Maybe you’re equipping yours for younger riders in your family, or you’ve found that it’s the perfect size for you to enjoy the open trails. Either way, you want to equip it with the best Honda CRF100 OEM parts, reliable trail-ready tires and the right mods to customise it for your performance needs. There’s a vast world out there when it comes to mods, but three essential upgrades can help you start personalising your CRF100.

Pay Attention To Air Intake

A proper balance of air and fuel is critical for excellent engine performance. If you’re not getting enough power from your CRF100, one way you can help improve this is by swapping out its standard air filter for an aftermarket high-flow version. Many riders like K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters because they boost airflow by up to 50% more than paper filters. Each K&N filter is made with pleated multi-layer high-flow cotton, letting more air pass through the filter while screening out grit and debris. Even better, each filter is already oiled and fits into OEM airboxes.

Consider An Exhaust Upgrade

Improving exhaust system flow can also enhance your bike’s engine performance. Trail bikes like your CRF100 usually can be upgraded through mini-exhaust systems instead of a slip-on. The FMF PowerCore 4 Mini Exhaust System With Spark Arrestor offers several significant advantages. With its lightweight and durable construction, the PowerCore 4 boasts longevity along with enhanced sonic evacuation and a body with round perforated steel inner cores to boost exhaust gas flow. The spark arrestor prevents flammables from escaping the exhaust while the optional Quiet Core insert reduces sound output.

Adjust Your Bike’s Suspension

On most trail bikes, the suspension is tuned for riders weighing between 160 to 180 pounds. For those who are significantly lighter or more substantial, the suspension may not feel or behave quite right. Heavier riders can benefit from swapping out the fork springs for stiffer models. BBR’s Heavy Duty Fork Springs are an excellent choice because they’re made from superior grade aircraft quality spring steel and are wound tighter, making them 30% stiffer than OEM springs.

Suit Up And Ride Safely

While you’re considering how to boost performance on your CRF100, don’t forget about safety. Gearing up should include a complete set of riding apparel that provides for several key pieces: a full-face helmet, gloves and goggles along with dirt bike jerseys, pants and boots. Armour includes knee pads as well as elbow and neck guards and body armour pieces that fit around the torso. This may seem like a lot, but you can find what you need and save money by shopping for cheap motorcycle riding gear at a reputable power-sports parts dealer.

A trustworthy parts retailer will also carry the OEM components, aftermarket mods, tires and tools you need. Many of these retailers don’t just specialise in motorcycles: You’re likely to find watercraft components or snowmobile riding gear and accessories in the same inventory selection as air filters and fork springs. No matter where you buy, be sure that your dealer provides excellent customer service and convenient shipping.