The world is fighting a deadly pandemic. Many countries in Europe are among the worst-affected, and some were under lockdown from early March. But our daily lives are so intertwined with the outside world that people feel sick, staying indoors for many days. Many of us have to multitask like work from home, take care of children, cook meals, etc. As the restrictions ease, people are looking forward to a relaxing time away from the daily humdrum of life.

But due to the fear of floating social distancing measures, governments have kept famous tourist spots closed. Even within Europe, tourists from across the borders are not welcome yet. People from hotspot regions would have to undergo a mandatory quarantine. Thus outings to nearby places seem to be one of the few options for now. But social distancing norms and other alert rules will be strict, and people might get into unnecessary trouble. Therefore, one of the best ways to spend time outdoors is camping, and the government has planned to reopen them by July. So,

Let Us Quickly Check Out A Few Must-Visit Camping Sites In UK

1.  Vallis Veg camping site, Frome, Somerset

Situated in Somerset’s scenic county, with rolling hills, deep gorges, and vast agrarian lands, Frome is a small town around 100 miles away from London. The medieval town offers plenty of choices for daytrippers like museums, gardens, and local markets. If you would like to spend the night in a calm and private place, then the Vallis Veg camping site is an apt choice. The camping area is adjacent to farms and gardens. But you have large green trees surrounding the site, and one has a feeling of living in the woods. Fresh farm produce and cheese are available in plenty, and the town of Frome is a short walk away.

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

2.  Camping in Yorkshire

Sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, vast expanses of heather moorland – the largest county of England has always been the traveler’s paradise. Here, you have many options for camping, and if possible, you could try more than one. Those loving moorlands could pick the Golden Square caravan park or the Masons camping site, which is in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

If you prefer the coastal area, then Hooks House farm and Saint Helens in the Park are the best choices. The Hooks farm camping site gives a picturesque view of the famous Robin Hood’s bay and is at a walkable distance from the villages. You have to do self-catering, so it is advisable to bring suitable cookware. The Helens in the Park campsite, situated near the resort town of Scarborough, has many amenities such as children’s play area, bike trails, etc. Moreover, one could always sunbathe on the sandy beachside of Scarborough.

3.  Camping in The Isle of Eigg

Azure waters, silver beaches with whispering sand, crescent-shaped cliffs adorned with greenery- The Isle of Eigg is rightly the heaven of our world. For adventure lovers, there is plenty to do like kayaking, boat rides, bike trails, hiking, etc. And, one gets to see animals like whales, dolphins, and a varied species of sea birds too. Though the island is small, the scenery leaves you awestruck, and you are inclined to stay a little longer. In the areas designated for camping, you could pitch your tent at minimal costs. Like most Scottish places, wild camping is allowed, and one can have free accommodation.

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

4.  Camping in Devon

Devon’s agrarian society is also the land of the English Riviera and the famous Dartmoor national park. The hilly landscape, stunning coastline, and pleasant weather, both in winters and summers and an equally boastful cuisine, make it an attractive holiday destination. So fancy hotels, apartments, and stay overs are available. But those preferring relaxed and rule-free stay can opt for camping. Moreover, in the Dartmoor region, wild camping is allowed. You can drive from cities like London, Bristol, Oxford, Bath, and visit various places in the county. At nights, you can use a rooftop tent to take a rest. One can also choose camping pods, yurts, etc. Those wishing to take vineyard tours and get closer to the village life can consider options at the Ten Acre Vineyard camping site.

5.  Cornish Tipi Holidays, Cornwall

Dotted alternately with sandy beaches and Rugged cliffs, Cornwall is the place where the land meets the sea. In the blue Atlantic waters, one could try out a variety of sea sports such as surfing, kayaking, waterskiing, paddling, etc. And, then there is troofhe delicious seafood too. The history buffs can explore the museums and King Arthur’s castles. When you have a lot to do, proper planning is necessary. The Cornish Tipi Holidays offers a complete package. One can go on fishing trips, spend time on the coasts, walk along the quiet lake. You have the option of cooking food, pitching tents, and visiting the nearby cafes and restaurants to savor Cornish delicacies such as stargazy pie, pasty, houmous, and tapas.

6.  Suffolk the Lake District, Cumbria

The Fell mountains, rolling terrain, cool lakes, and quaint villages of the Lake district take you to a foregone era. It is also the home to literary legends like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. The place is an inspiration for artists and writers across the world. There is plenty to explore for the food-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. So, camping here could keep you engaged throughout the day. The Low Wray Campsite at Ambleside village lets you come in a camper van, pitch a tent, or rent pods. Various amenities like laundry, shopping, kids play area, etc., are available.

7.  Camping in Suffolk

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

Camping Sites In UK In 2020

The county is a part of the old kingdom of East Anglia. So, one gets to visit castles and monuments of historical importance. It is also home to famous writers, singers, and painters of The UK such as George Orwell, DJ John Peel, Ed Sheeran, John Constable, and Thomas Gainsborough. The gentle coastline, heaths, pine forests, parks, and gardens let you be one with nature. Equally diverse is the wildlife here, which includes brown hares, red deers with large antlers, and wild horses. Camping options are many; one can camp in farms, cottages, or even in woods.

Safety is important

Camping lets you be free. One chooses the place for pitching the tent or takes a camper van, has a cooking set, and prepares food. One need not stick to schedules or eat from a predefined menu. People who prefer camping are likely to be more self-reliant and can follow physical distancing norms better. So, the UK government has planned to reopen campsites by July 4 in non -hotspot regions. This time it is our responsibility to stay safe too.