The supply and demand of the workforce for a particular profession is the primary criteria for deciding the compensation to be paid. Additionally, the employees’ contribution to the company in its operations or revenue generation is determining factor. Let’s take a look at some top careers and job profiles that considered being the best this year, according to the US News & World Report.

Top Careers In Software Developer

The Software Developers are at the forefront. Digital Technology has become so vital for all of us these days that professionals who take care of its functioning and visual appeal demand more than ever. Be it personal computers or mobile phones. Software Developers develop applications and look after their maintenance.

Top Careers In Statistician

When faced with business problems, Statisticians come to your rescue. Whether it is an entrepreneur, a big corporate house, or even a government agency, the assistance of a Statistician in crucial decision-making is inevitable. However, the predictions are they make in terms of the outcome expected by analysing data and using models come in handy in understanding the repercussions of individual decisions.

Top Careers In Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants deal with patients directly. They analyse medical history, indulge in diagnosis, and prescribe medicines. In addition, they monitor the treatments suggested and work in sync with the doctors.

Top Careers In Dentist

Dentists look after dental treatments or any problems related to the mouth. Cavities, mouth ulcers, issues about gums, dental hygiene are just a few areas that the Dentists handle. Therefore they examine tooth x-rays and use various types of equipment to treat their patients. Most new dentists prefer working for well-established dentists in the initial days to attain experience in patient handling.

Top Careers In Paediatrician

Treatments to common ailments like infections of the ear or throat, minor injuries, fevers or other health complaints of infants, toddlers and children all fall under the purview of a Pediatrician. They also administer timely immunisations.

Top Careers In Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists play a crucial role in administering anaesthesia during surgeries. For them, it’s not just taking care of the pain that the patients’ witnesses but vital signs like heartbeats, blood pressure etc., that also need to be monitored during any surgery.

Top Careers In Accounts

Creating, maintaining and assessing financial records is the primary role of an Accountant. They ensure that the books of accounts are kept accurately and, most importantly, ethically. They can work for private firms or as public accountants.

Top Careers In Financial Management

Financial report making, profit maximisation and cost reduction are a few responsibilities of a Financial Manager. Addressing financial risks is another critical area they look into. Risk Managers, Cash Managers, Controllers, Treasurers etc., are a few designations they shoulder.

While these jobs are considered best in terms of their demand and compensations, one thing is crystal clear; the Healthcare industry has more scope in the job market. However, the need for professional like Speech-Language Pathologists, Laboratory Technicians, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Midwives, Surgeons, Occupational Therapists etc. are on the rise.

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