We all are intrigued after reading blogs and seeing vlogs by the excellent travellers, and there are times when we want nothing else more than having a solo trip. It appears all good and fun, but there are some realities which no one talks about. So. We thought to share them with you before you execute your plan of going alone on travel.

Freedom To Make Or Change Plans

There are more perks of solo travelling than the disadvantages, and one of them is getting the freedom to do what you want. You can even change the plans at the very last moment with no strings attached and without having to feel guilty about ruining someone else’s idea or mood.

Travelling Alone

Travelling Alone Expectation Vs Reality

You can wander as much as your legs allow and if you want to rest, you can take a nap at any time. What’s better than having complete freedom? When you travel alone somehow, you tick off your to-do-list real fast, and then there will be plenty of time to be spontaneous.

You’ll Trust Yourself More

Despite the foolproof plan and loads of research that you may have done, there will be things that you will have to decide right then and there in the spree of the moment. The experience will serve as the best teacher.

Things will not go according to the plan, and there is a high chance once or twice, you’ll have to learn how to make things work when the plan fails. You’ll start trusting yourself more after a few failed ideas and getting solutions for them.

A Chance To Be Self-Reliant

Since you are on your own, it is the best time to lean on yourself and trust your instincts. Solo travel makes you capable of figuring out many situations without any assistance. If there is a dilemma, it needs to be fixed, and you have to become self-reliant.

We don’t understand how rare it is to have complete authority of taking decisions regarding travelling. When you travel alone you and only got to decide when you wake up, what you do, where you go, where you eat when you eat, and what you eat.

Walking through the museums at your own pace and ignoring some of the monuments is a luxury in its kind which is only available when you are travelling solo.

The Responsibility Is All Yours

You will have to carry all of your luggage on your own. If you shop, you’ll be bringing everything home with yourself literally. You are the only one who will have to pay for each and everything. It is overwhelming, but you will have to learn how to use your resources smartly, so they last the entire trip. The confidence and independence of travelling alone give unmatchable.

The Learning Process Of Being Resourceful

Thankfully, we live in a world where every answer and solution is in our hands; our smartphones are the best thing to have while travelling.

When you are in charge, you can make choices without having to think about someone else’s preferences. You will have the complete freedom to search the internet and avail discount voucher codes when you are at your destination. For instance, if you feel like you are spending way more than you should on the food, you can look up cheap eateries or restaurants that offer discounts and eat there.

Bottom Line

Travelling alone sounds like a scary plan, and it is out of everyone’s comfort zone for sure, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Try to plan at least a single trip on your own in a lifetime.

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