Wines hold unique places in the heart of the wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, But there are those you work an extra mile to find great tasting and uniquely flavoured wines, sometimes even narrowing their choices to sparkling wines. They seek out great bars that serve unique wines and great food that pair nicely with them. They also travel as far as their pocket and enthusiasm carry in search of fabulous drinks.

Bubbly and sweet to varying extents, sparkling wines are a great way to notch up a celebratory mood and thus the festivities that follow. But these are good only if these drinks are served in their dedicated glasses. If you are not sure what to do about glasses for sparkling wines, below is a short guide to making your life a bit easier, (and your guest enjoy a little bit more!)

However before that, here something on the sparkling wines.

Glasses For Sparkling Wine And Champagne Glasses

Any liquid with carbonation happening in it is said to be sparkling. Neither water nor wines disobey the rule. Primarily, Asti, Cava, Champagne and Prosecco, fall under this category.  The Champagnes especially are those drinks that belong to that particular region in France. There are places where calling sparkling drinks belonging to another area the Champagne is illegal.

The drink requires a tall glass so that the bubbles can take some time to rise and bring along packets of flavourful liquor. The flutes are designed in that specific manner to let the drinker enjoy the sparkling most. You may want to stock Coupes, Champagne Flutes, and Champagne Tulips, depending on the type of sparkling wines of you and your guests’ preference.

Read on to know more on the subject of glasses for sparkling wines.

Here are the three types of Sparkling Wine glasses that serve entirely different purposes (yet could be referred to as Champagne glasses):

·        Flute

Champagne Glasses


Associated with the upper middle class and their flashy parties, flutes are known for serving Champagnes. However, other sparkling drinks can also be served and enjoyed. Its design facilitates the delivery of nuanced flavours of the wine. Due to a rough bead at the base, the carbon dioxide bubbles rise rapidly to the nose of the drinker. Younger wines are enjoyed best in these glasses. More complicated flavours and aromas of older wines, however, are not fully appreciated.

Considered perfect for Franciacorta, Cava, Prosecco, Champagne

·        Coupe/Saucer

Champagne Glasses


If antiquity is valued, these glasses are the grandfather of all glassware for the sparkling wines, especially during the 1920s. With a shallow and full bowl, it appeals to wine drinkers aesthetically. However, the glass is not scientifically suited for drinking bubbly drinks because the fizz just gets killed before delivering the flavour of sparkling wines. This has led to the loss of its popularity. Still, it has its classic appeal and can sometimes be seen in serving such drinks that are known more for sweetness rather than the aroma.

Considered perfect for Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Franciacorta

·        Tulip

Champagne Glasses


As the name of the glass suggests, its design is inspired by the shape of the Tulip flower. It’s very much similar to the Flute only with a giant bowl. It has got a slim base which opens to a full bowl which again narrows towards the rim. The science behind its design allows the bubbles to rise upwards much like the classic flutes. However, the larger aperture enables the drinker to enjoy through tongue first rather than the nose. More aeration let the wine’s flavours and aromas to be experienced as much as possible.

Considered perfect for Franciacorta, Cava, Champagne, Prosecco

For convenience rather than anything else, sparkling wines are commonly referred to as Champagne and thus the glasses these are served in our Champagne glasses when the factual truth could be far from that.

Brands That Celebrate Sparkling Wine Drinking

Some of the glassware brands that make the sparkling wine drinking a great experience are:

1.      Waterford Lismore

Their toasting flutes are recommended due to the full diameter, making the aromas hit the nose to make the wine more special. Champagne and Prosecco taste out of the world from these specially designed wine glasses. Highly decorative, the lenses are worth their value even for collection’s sake.

2.      Riedel Vinum

Perfect for carbonation, these are outlined in traditional flute shape. Classic champagne would never taste better if you had it in these glasses. An elegant rim ensures that the taste of the wine meets first to the tongue than the lips. The glass also has a shorter edge which makes it balancing easily on the tray, for which the servers are always grateful!

3.      LSA Wine Champagne Saucer

From the House of Fraser, these glasses are celebrated for their vintage look and feel. Though, when the glasses are for drinking, it is useful to know that strong cocktails taste way better in this set of glasses than anything else. Bubbles get dispersed due to the overall design but let the taste of the wine make up for the lost bubbles.

And these are not the only glass brands (though just could be assumed as among the bests), that make to the list. Other prime brands that manufacture great sparkling wine glassware are Vera Wang, Mikasa and Bellagio.

Enjoy great sparkling wines in their specially designed and creatively crafted Champagne glasses by the brands that excel at making them. You would undoubtedly reach just another level of experiencing great flavours and aromas that these wines can offer!

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