The Best Parasol / Umbrella Car Roof

Who has not dreamed of having a car always well protected both in winter and in summer? If you dream of having your vehicle still in the shade even in full sun! If you dream of having your car always clean without snow in winter! Check this product!

Umbrella Sunshade Umbrella Portable Car Roof And Fully Automatic

The Umbrella Cover Tent Roof Umbrella Car Roof Umbrella is a Quality Products and Protective UV Kits Sunshade Outdoor with its Remote Control. This Roof Cover Outdoor Protective Tent-shaped Umbrella Car Umbrella also serves against many assaults on Your Car like Projections of Gravel, Leaves, Tree Branches or Snow in winter; your car covers will always be well protected.

Can We Store It Easily?

And yes! She sits very comfortably in her bag, and it is then placed in her car trunk and voila! The Parasol Umbrella Tent locates in just 5 minutes. Once unfolded, this tent for auto maintain a reasonable temperature and comfortable inside your COCKPIT and that even in hot weather in direct sunlight. His particularly resistant canvas will protect your car in all seasons.

Its resistance will also protect your vehicle from falling rocks and more … but all this, I already mentioned above.   As I show you in this visual below, it’s not just a car cover. This tent is also an Umbrella / Parasol, very Useful and Practical will change your life once you have it in your car trunk. Then you will realize that definitive The Umbrella Umbrella-Tent is convenient all the time.


  1. The distance between the Parasol Umbrella and the roof of the car. This distance is the airflow layer: the advantage is that even if the outdoor temperature increases and is very high, this heat will not be transmitted to the remaining roof surface of the car, thanks to the umbrella protection. Parasol Protected from high temperatures and keeps the interior of your vehicle always in the shade.
  2. Storage bag. For more convenience transported: Small size after storage, this Pannier is Easy to tidy in your Car Trunk.
  3. Large Area to Fully Cover Your Car. It’s Large Capacity: Can Virtually Cover All Cars, Sedans, SUVs, Breaks, SUVs, Jeeps and many others, from Hood to Rear Trunk.
  4. All protections. Its Great Protection Surface can hide and protect your car from the sun, rain, leaves, excrement, bird droppings, dust, construction rubble, acid rain, stones projected at height, Snow and so on.

Accessory Telescopic Cover Umbrella Car Cover Semi-Automatic Fastening Car Roof

This Accessory has obtained several patents, to create a more comfortable environment inside your cabin in summer, even if you leave your car in full sun. The power of these suction cups attaches to the roof of your vehicle without damaging it, and then four straps hold the Parasol Umbrella car cover at the doors of the car and outside mirrors.

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