Hong Kong is indeed a better city to visit in the eastern part of the world as it has a perfect blend of traditional and modern culture. You will get the best of both worlds in this city that never sleeps. Hong Kong offers visitors to enjoy views of the city from high altitude skyscrapers, local food, festivals, sports competitions and much more. The city hosts four vital areas price touring: Hong Kong’s Island, the New Territories, Kowloon earth and also the far Islands that surround Kowloon and New Territories. A number of a lot of outstanding ones are Lantau islands, Lamma islands, Cheung Chau, and Peng Chau.

Hong Kong’s Tour Packages

Here are some reasons which will insist you to book Hong Kong tour packages for your upcoming vacation:

  • Easy Transportation System

When people go on holidays, they end up spending additional money on taxis because of the complicated public transport systems in the country. However, that’s not true with Hong Kong as they have a very efficient and easy MTR subway system, double-decker buses and trams which are incredibly comfortable for tourists to use. Also, Hong Kong has the world’s longest roofed outdoor escalator system, which is a sight not to be missed at any cost.

  • Beautiful Buddhist Temples

Hong Kong has temples in abundance as temples are an integral part of Chinese culture. Some of the most famous temples that you must visit are the Mon Sho Temple in Sheung Wan, which is to the Gods of Literature and martial arts. This temple is not only famous for being a sacred place but also that it was a law court of the Chinese people during the colonial era. Another famous temple you must visit is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

  • Amazing Street Art

The newest features in the thriving art scene are street art in Sheung Wan, and it is creative and whimsical street art, which will take you from Shoreditch to side streets in the city. All over the city, you will find the walls, shutters and entire buildings, where abstract shapes come to life.

  • Shopping In Malls And Street Markets

Hong Kong is truly a shoppers’ paradise as it offers a unique shopping experience to the visitors. From fashionable boutiques to traditional stores and from luxurious shopping malls to bustling street markets, you will find everything in the latest trend. Electronic products are available at best-value collectables and antiques.

Also, the trendsetters from all over the world find Hong Kong to be the best place for buying fashion clothes, watches, electronic goods, cosmetics, and ornaments.

  • Festivals

Many festivals are celebrated in Hong Kong city, and if you are lucky, then you may experience its unique festival culture. Hong Kong is the best places for celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve as streets and buildings are decorated uniquely. There are also countdown events and firework performances around Victoria Harbour.

Also take a chance to experience Chinese festivals in Hong Kong, like Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival and with this enjoy the lively celebrations and amazing festival cuisine.

  • Sports International Competitions

If you are a sports lover, then Hong Kong is the perfect place to watch world-class sports events with top sports’ stars performance. There are many high-profile sports such as the Hong Kong’s Rugby Sevens, the Hong Kong’s Tennis Open, and the International Dragon Boat Races.

Horse racing is not only popular locally, but also internationally and this racing season starts from September and ends in July. So, don’t miss the races in Happy Valley Racecourse or Sha Tin Racecourse.

  • Hiking

Hong Kong is a fantastic place for hiking lovers in full of beautiful mountains, enchanting forests. All these gorgeous nature places are well-organised hiking trails of all levels and difficulties. It’s a great way to enjoy the magnitude of the beauty of this beautiful region.

  • Best Parks

The best part about travelling to Hong Kong with your kids is the home to the famous Disneyland Park and Ocean Park. At Disneyland, your child will have the best and memorable time while playing with their favourite Disney characters, and at Ocean Park, you along with your children can see sea animals and also get to see the adorable panda Jia-Jia and very rare Red Panda.

  • City Of Skyscrapers

Forget the skylines of any other place, and go for Hong Kong, the best place to admire the beautiful skyscrapers, in day or night. You will get amazed to see the 40 storey tall buildings and the massive buildings of the city. From the Hong Kong Tower, you will get an entire bird’s eye view of Hong Kong city, and this spectacular view makes it is one of the best cities to visit on your next vacation.

You can take advantage of the visa-free policy and convenient transport to travel within the city in a relaxing, joyful and meaningful way.