Want to build lean muscles without the intense workout sessions that most performers go through? Well, with a bit of exercise routine in your daily activities and the right nutrition plan, you can build muscles within a short period. However, when it comes to food, it is difficult to strike a balance between the components in our dish.

As a result, we may have more calories than desired and lose the objective in the long run. Also, gaining weight is another crucial factor when choosing your daily meal. Besides, you want to include the right amount of nutrients, so better muscle growth. Therefore, if you’re going to build muscles, here is what you should include in your daily meals.

A Healthy Portion Of Different Proteins

Proteins have many different functions in the body. To build lean muscles, you need approximately seven ounces of protein content for teenage boys and adult men and six ounces for adolescent girls and women. Some of these proteins that will help you gain lean muscles include:

●       Eggs

Studies indicate that eggs contain some of the most effective amino acids in muscle building. Eggs also have a healthy amount of vitamin B, Choline, and fats. All these work together to ensure the increased growth of lean muscles.

●       Beef

build lean muscles


It contains a variety of nutrients that the body needs to build muscle and enhance muscle growth. Some of these include minerals such as zinc and iron and vitamin B.

●       Chicken

It is another source of quality proteins essential to the body. These nutrients are crucial in promoting muscle recover and maintenances of healthy muscles. Besides, they develop better bone health and help you maintain your weight levels.

●       Fish

Fish also contain essential nutrients, including quality proteins and omega 3s. They enhance your body’s metabolism rate and regulate different body functions. These nutrients are present in various types of seafood, including salmon, tuna, shrimp, among others.

●       Grains

Grains such as soybeans, kidney beans, and quinoa are some of the most protein potent plant-based foods. They contain essential amino acids that enhance muscle growth. They provide crucial minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, among others. Some even contain vitamins that aid in muscle growth.


Carbohydrates provide essential energy that aid in the synthesis of muscles. Besides, they ensure that you have adequate power for your daily activities. Some of these include:

●       Oatmeal

build lean muscles


It is one of the essential carbohydrates that deliver a variety of benefits to the body. It has a low glycemic range that carries an extensive array of benefits. These include several micro-nutrients, high amounts of fibre, lower appetite levels, and a surge in energy levels. As a result, it promotes weight loss and helps maintain weight levels and muscle gain.

●       Brown rice

It contains a healthy amount of proteins in it. It has abundant carbohydrates that provide you with adequate energy for the day. Before getting into any physical activity, you may consider having some brown rice. Studies indicate that supplements sourced from rice can increase muscle gain.

●       Quinoa

Not only does it contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates, but it also comes with different amino acids. Also, it has a variety of minerals and vitamins that promote muscle growth.


The thought of having more fats as a way of improving your muscle growth can be disturbing. However, fats aid in the production of different body hormones, including testosterone. They help boost growth hormones, which enhance muscle growth and increases body strength. To increase the level of testosterone and muscle mass in the body, you can buy anabolic supplements such as Dbol. Some essential fats sources include:

●       Olive oil

build lean muscles


Studies indicate that olive oil contains a high level of monounsaturated fats. These can influence muscle growth by enhancing protein synthesis in the body. Besides, it protects your muscles, preventing the tissue from breaking down. Furthermore, it improves muscle synthesis of insulin and other nutrients, including amino acids and glucose, etc.

●       Fish oil

They contain different omega 3s, 6 and 9 fatty acids and promote lean muscle gain. They stimulate and help control testosterone production in the body. Besides, it supports the recovery process by reducing inflammation in the muscles. It is highly nutritious to improve your overall health.

Fruits and vegetables

●      Spinach

It is an excellent source of vitamins C, K, and A. It contains healthy portions of different minerals, including magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and thiamine with high levels of folate. Spinach has carbohydrates and protein content making it an all-round food suitable for your muscle growth.

●      Garlic

Studies show that garlic can increase the production of testosterone. It lowers the levels of the hormone cortisol, especially when you take it in combination with a high protein diet. Garlic contains high amounts of allicin that offers relief from stress by eliminating the production of cortisol. As a result, you suffer less from the stress hormone providing an environment in which the testosterone can aid in building leaner muscles.

●      Pineapple

build lean muscles


You may think that fruits are not essential in your bodybuilding quest. However, some fruits like pineapple contain some of the most active enzymes that aid in protein synthesis; bromelain. Besides, it has other benefits, such as relief from pain, inflammation, and alleviates possible cases of swelling.


Even though it is not part of the nutritional foods that you should have, you should consider adding it to your dietary plan. Water forms an essential addition to any food that aims at building muscles as it eliminates fatigue in the muscles. It ensures you are healthy and get rid of nausea and other exercise-related conditions, including headaches. With the right directions regarding water intake at any given time, your body retains its functionality and keeps a balance in the electrolytes and other fluids in shape.


The right foods determine how easy and fast you build lean muscles. Therefore, you must consider changing your food plan to include some of these foods. With that, you will attain your desired outcomes within a short period.