There are many ways to decor the home interior the decorative hardware like knobs, hanging lamp, tiles, etc. These products are hundred percent handmade and hand painted.

Knobs have different product segments which would be a very useful home decoration. Therefore, I describe ways to decorate your home interiors.

Are you ready to upgrade your Kitchen and bathroom cabinet through your decorative hardware?

For your reference, I am sharing my experience and views to decorate and upgrade your home through the decorative hardware.

Few things I share with you about decorative hardware.

Knobs and Pulls

Knobs and pulls are decorative hardware to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom cabinet for decorative purpose.  Knobs and pulls both are a different thing for the decoration of home cabinet. In case of knobs a lot of varieties available like ceramic knobs, bubble knobs, wooden knobs, resin knobs with multiple color hand-made and hand-painted color. However, if you are looking quality basis knobs and pulls with satisfied price antique ceramic and wooden knobs will be useful for your drawer and cabinet decoration.

Drawer pulls or can add a sophisticated style of touch to your dresser and cabinets. It looks both traditionality and modernity. Therefore these products come in various forms, designs, colors, sizes finishes (brass, brass antique, silver and silver antique), etc.

Wall Hanging Plates

Decorative plates are decorative hardware for decorating walls. Furthermore, I will share with you that how you arrange the wall hanging plates and dining decorative plates systematically.

  1. Figure out how you want to arrange these hanging plates on the wall
  2. Managing the plates on paper for hanging on the Wall
  3. Tape your template for hanging the decorative plates on the wall
  4. Figure out the best plates hanging out the middle of the models

The wall hanging plates only for decorative purpose. However, It can not be used for eating goal, and this is for just a decorative object in interior designing. Moreover, we can use in the bedroom, dining room and kitchen also.

Ceramic Wall Hooks

Ceramic wall hooks are handy for hanging the things and decorating the interior of the home. Therefore the wall hooks are hand-made and hand-painted. However, It contains hooks with strong enough to hold your Cloths, Keys, Tea Cups, Coffee Mugs, Hand Towels, etc.

The ceramic metal used to make the hanging the decorative plates and looks a much more beautiful wall. It forms from the ceramic metal and glass metal to build this kind of design for the decoration of the walls and dining tables. The plates are very attractive colored according to the wall. I want to give a charming touch to the wall then I recommended hanging plates will be beneficial for you for the decorative the walls.

Bottle Stopper & Opener

Bottle stopper with blue pottery is trending now. It is also handmade and hand-painted stopper with knobs. It looks pretty with Ceramic Wine Bottle Stoppers. It will premium look of bottle stopper with knobs. It used precious metal used to making stopper. Moreover, one product is available for the similar like bottle stopper, i.e., bottle opener. It is instrumental in the process. The ceramic knobs use to make the handle of opener the caps of bottles. It is available for a reasonable price with good quality of product and services. However, decorative hardware and blue pottery products are purely handmade and hand-painted for quality reason.

Kitchen & Backsplash Tiles

Tiles are playing an important role in decorating the kitchen and bathroom tiles; It will be a creative and fantastic color with tiles. Tiles give amazing to touch the interior of home and kitchen with different flying colors. Every kind of flooring will look attractive because of handmade blue pottery and hand-painted material.

Tiles prevent the wet of walls in the rainy season, and it has marmalade stone and color.

Decorative Lightning

Decorative lights play a significant role in decorating the house; There are two types of lamps

1. Hanging lanterns
2. Table lamps

Both are the home decorative purpose

Hanging lights easy to install and maintain a house, you can place them in any room, and they will surely add a charm to it. Moreover, these lamps will make sure to your home decoration table lamps will be making bedroom decorative and lobby decoration. It is perfect for the balcony, porch, living room, verandah, etc.

Tabletop Accessories: Adorn your tabletop and living spaces with beautifully handcrafted flowerpots, photo frames, planters, bird feeder and hanging tealight holders, idols figurines, Aroma oil diffuser, etc


All these products will surely add an element to your home decor and are available at meager prices with good quality. Therefore I suggest if we put few handmade products together it will compliment each other. Especially if you use blue pottery tiles with different motifs, color, patterns  for decorating your wall or kitchen back-splash it enhances the beauty of your home.