Wedding ceremonies are among some of the happiest occasions. And what better way to celebrate and enjoy that happiness than sweets? Sweets are a permanent part of each wedding ceremony. A wedding is not complete without a pack of sweets roaming in the hall sweetening the guests’ taste buds.

According to modern culture, sweets are not only treated as a dessert at weddings, but they are a part of the decor of the place too. Intricate designs of the packing’s of these sweets make the environment more beautiful. But there is always a chance that you might not get the good sweets that could ruin the whole experience.

To help you with that, here is a list of bakeries where you can get the best wedding sweets in Lahore:

1- Cakes and Bakes

Cakes and Bakes are among the oldest bakeries in Lahore and they are well-reputed if we talk about wedding sweets. They have a long and old tradition of providing the best sweets to their customers. The sweets are made from the best ingredients available.

Cakes and Bakes have the best wedding cakes and sweets that are a perfect fit for your wedding ceremony. It is not only used to carry the sweets around, but it also acts as a beautiful ornament. The decor on the basket is also eye-catching.

Cakes and Bakes also present the best-made custom cakes for your wedding ceremonies. So, if you are planning to get a cake at your wedding, be sure to visit them. You will not only get the best taste but the best intricate cake design too. Besides, you can also book your order online and they will get it delivered to your doorstep.

2- Chashni sweets

Chashni Sweets is one of the biggest names of sweets in Lahore. They have been serving the customers for decades and have successfully managed to maintain their legacy. The thing that makes Chashni Sweets unique is their quality of ingredients.

Only the best of the ingredients is used to make the sweets for the customers. This gives the product of excellent taste and texture. It has helped them create a massive fan following. Tourists outside of Lahore visit this bakery to enjoy the exquisite taste of their sweets.

3- Baba Sweets

Baba sweets have recently gained fame for their unique ideas for making sweets. You can find all kinds of western sweets at the bakery having the finest taste. Additionally, some sweets are a combination of traditional ingredients and modern culture.

This new addition to the sweet market has made them heaven for the sweet lover. And that is why they are the best place for you to get wedding sweets for your wedding ceremony. The sweets are arranged in packing in a manner that the color combination of the sweets adds to the beauty of the decor.

4- Arabian Delights

Arabian Delights is also a relatively new bakery in town. If you visit this bakery, you will see a wide range of sweets to choose from. You will not only find the traditional Pakistani sweets but a little bit of culture from all the Islamic countries around the world.

You can find sweets of Turkish culture, Arabian Culture, and various others from middle eastern countries. There are not many places where you can find such a variety of sweets in Lahore. So, if you are planning to add a unique flavor to your wedding desserts, Arabian Delights is the best choice.

5- Bundu Khan Bakers

Bundu Khan food chain does not need an introduction especially if you live in Lahore. It is the biggest name in the food industry in Lahore. Although the bakery has been recently established by them, the rate at which is getting fame is exceptional.

The greatest thing about wedding sweets from Bundu Khan Bakers is that they add dry fruits like Badam and Kajo to the trading sweets. It is a great way to make them taste even better. Not only does it improve the taste, but it also increases the beauty of the sweet. They are famous for their special Kaju Barfi. You can get a wide variety of mixed sweets here. It is one of the best sweets that you can get for your wedding.

6- Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons is also a great place to get wedding sweets. They are among the expensive sweet vendors of Lahore, but the taste and quality of their product make it completely worth it. You will find that the bakery does not compromise on the quality of the product. It has given them a place among the top sweet vendors of Lahore.


A wedding ceremony is a special occasion for you, and the sweets served at the event should be special too. Getting your wedding sweets from one of the above bakeries guarantees that you will get the best wedding sweets in the most beautiful packing.