There are some aspects of life which must not forget at any point in time, and one of those extraordinary things in your diet. Having a proper diet must one of the topmost priorities. This is because a portion of bad food is not suitable for your body and heart. You must have the right number of calories, fats, and proteins which are very important for your heart.

According to the American heart association, a diet that is rich in vegetable and fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fish, poultry and nuts. Great foods are the secret to a good heart.

Various 24-hour Emergency Care Centers emphasises this diet for the patients of heart-related diseases. All these foods have a positive effect on your heart. The heart is regularly keeping an eye on what are you having. You need to take some severe steps as well to have a good heart. You need to reduce the stress from your life, quit smoking, exercise daily and get an annual checkup with the best clinic.


Great Foods For Your Heart

Many important foods can help you keep your heart healthy and keep it disease-free.

Here Are The Great Foods For Your Heart:


One of the super-smart healthy foods is salmon and other fatty fish like mackerel and sardines. These foods re the superstar of healthy foods. These foods contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which is shown to lower the risk of arrhythmia and the plaque which builds up in arteries.

According to the American heart association, it is recommended to eat fish properly and must have it at least once o twice a week. If you are looking for the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids from any other source, then there are other dietary supplements available as well.

Red Apples:

Apples are a proven source that can lower the risk of a heart attack. This is the result of different compounds that can improve heart health found in the red apples.  Eating a reasonable quantity of blood apples will also help you in the prevention of blood clots.


Great Foods For Your Heart

Apples also contain a fibre called soluble, which can help in lowering the bad cholesterol and has numerous antioxidant effects. It is beneficial in lowering blood pressure. There are flavonoids in these apples, which can help in reducing the blood pressure.

There are numerous varieties of apples. Have an apple with a handful of walnuts as a healthy snack, or you can have it sliced as a part of your salads.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is known to improve the risk of cardiovascular disease. It does this by lowering the LDL cholesterol and raising the levels of HDL Cholesterol. Mediterranean diet is essential for good heart health. Olive oil is good for slowing down the ageing of the heart. Various studies have found out that the food which is rich in olive oil reduces the damage of the dysfunction of endothelial. These cells are responsible for pumping the blood out to the body from the heart.

Cook your meal in olive oil as it can induce the health of the heart.

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy green vegetable contains the compounds which are great for your heart and vascular system. They are very rich in fibre and helps in lowering down the bad cholesterol. It also decreases the chances of having a heart disease.


Great Foods For Your Heart

These vegetables are low in calories as well as have a great taste that follows. They can have at lunch or dinner. Brocolli and spinach are some of the best green leafy vegetables.

Soy Foods:

Soy is an excellent alternative to meat and chicken as they provide a lot of protein. If you are looking to have impressive cardiovascular effects and lowering the blood pressure, soy is your best bet. Soy is also very beneficial for decreasing cholesterol levels. Soy proteins are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It can reduce many health-related problems as well.

Using Soy for few times a week can help you cut the right amount of saturated fats which are unhealthy for you. For a soy diet, you can add tofu in your diet or add soy milk in your morning breakfast.


Tomatoes are vitamins sumptuous and are very much high in lycopene. If you are adding lycopene to your diet, then it can protect your heart if your current diet is not giving you enough anti-oxidants. You can have the tomatoes in sandwiches and salads and make a fresh sauce and use it for the pasta.

Dark Chocolate:

Great Foods For Your Heart

Great Foods For Your Heart

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of dark chocolate for the heart. It has been found out that daily chocolate consumption can reduce the chances of non-fatal heart attacks and strokes in people with heart-related diseases. The chocolate made from up to 60 % of cocoa. Dark chocolate helps in keeping the blood pressure reasonable and prevents clotting and inflammation.


There are other products as well, which are very beneficial for the heart like red wine, citrus fruits and lots of other amazing things. Various 24-hour emergency care centres have strictly put and emphasis on the diet of these foods, as mentioned above, while treating heart diseases.