Big Data Analytics Is The Best Career Why?

Big data, big money! If you’ve got the knack for statistics and an affinity for software engineering. Then let me tell you a career in big data analytics awaits. Big data has been around for decades, but it is now that businesses are investing in it, but why does it interest people so much? There’s only one answer to it: money. Did you know that there are many organisations around different sectors are planning on doubling advance analytics and automation to drive the highest impact from the investment they’re making?.

Despite rapid advancements and progress being made in data analytics, organisations are still facing a critical challenge in hiring the right talent. Most of the times, the job roles require to predefine as per business needs. It gets difficult for organisations to hire candidates according to their requirement; in fact, finding a candidate with relevant skills itself is a challenge.

Data science and big data analytics promise huge investments for businesses in the foreseeable future. No doubt, big data is making a significant impact on the global economy today. By 2021, it is predicted that the worldwide market for big data will rise to $67 billion. In addition to this, Andreessen Horowitz said that almost 90% of the overall data was generated within the past two decades. Surprising as it is, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created each day. And the speed at which it is increasing today is set to rise in the coming years.

So, are you still not convinced that data science and big data analytics is a great career move today? Here are the top reasons:

The Demand For Big Data Analytics Keeps Growing

Organisations and startups are adapting to data analytics irrespective of their sizes. With the exponential rise of data analytics. The demand for tech pros in this field is seen to increase across the globe. According to Jeanne Harris, a senior executive at Accenture Institute for high performance stresses on data analytics professionals by stating that – “data is useless without skills to analyse it.” Furthermore, there are tremendous job opportunities for prominent data professionals. Many IT techies are getting prepare to invest their time and money in upskilling. Big data analytics certifications and data management and analytics are few of the top pick professional certifications for aspiring tech pros.

  • Bridging The Talent Gap

Big data analytics

Big Data Analytics

Organisations are producing large amounts of data, but if they have no expert professional to predict meaningful insights out of the data, then it is meaningless. You must have heard about the buzzwords such as data science, big data, AI, and machine learning, well, these technologies are growing at a breakneck speed. But how do we fill in the talent gap with the shortage of required skill set? Although the demand for tech professional stands strong, there are still unfill jobs squandering around globally. Organisations are still on a rat race to fill in these job roles with the right talent.

  • Never Ending Rise For Big Data

With unstructured and semi-structured data analytics there will see massive growth in big data analytics, says ‘The Peer Research’. Around 84% of the respondents agreed to the fact that the organisations they’re working for are processing and analysing unstructured data sources. Which include photos, videos, e-mail, social media and weblogs. The rest of the respondents said that steps are being taken to initiate and implement the same process.

  • Multiple Range Of Job Roles

The emergence of data science and big data analytics has brought about newer job roles in the job market. These job roles include data analyst, data scientist, prominent data engineer, big data analytics architect, big data analytics business consultant. Significant data solution architect and many others. Moreover, looking at the career perspective, there are tremendous job opportunities for one to choose from. There are large and small organisations that are in a hunt for tech pros with proficiency in this field. Opting a career in any one of this job profile is an ideal career choice today.

  • Decision Making Made Easy

Big data plays a crucial role in developing relationships with customers in building businesses. Many sectors such as financial, management, e-commerce, manufacturing and healthcare have already adopted this technology. Owing to its unique feature, organisations can now easily handle large amounts of both structured and unstructured data and gain insights out of it. Making decision making easy.

Data never sleeps and will only continue to grow. It is a known fact that today, big data has become one of the games changing technology for most industries. However, having the ability to use your expertise over different domains will help one mark their existence in the data analytics field. No matter how advanced this technology will get, there will always be a demand for human insights. Moreover, as data keeps expanding there will be more companies that will be looking out for experts to understand data and curate positive ideas for them.